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    • Research Assistant Position with Brain and Cognitive Development Lab

      The Brain and Cognitive Development Lab is currently hiring Research Assistants to begin Summer 2017!

      The BCD Lab is interested in studying the early cognitive and brain development associated with numerical, social, and spatial reasoning. This involves working with infants and young children.

      Research Assistants will be directly involved in the data collection and recruitment process. This will involve assisting with EEG, ERP, and fNIRs measures as well as scoring and entering data. This is a great opportunity for those who wish to gain research experience before applying to graduate school. This is a volunteer position or credit can be granted for enrolling in PSY 290. 

      To apply or learn more, contact the Lab Coordinator, Danielle Branton at

      Published Thu, 15 Jun 2017 13:15:00 CDT

    • Infant Cognition Lab- Summer Session II Openings

      Are you interested in what babies know about the world?  We are interested in what infants and young toddlers understand about objects, animals, and people. Undergraduate research assistants help us with our research by either experimenting (acting out the scenes for the babies) or observing (live-coding babies' looking behavior).  


      We are needing students who are available to work this SSII!  If interested in applying, please contact Jaclyn Aldridge at

      Published Tue, 23 May 2017 11:30:00 CDT

    • Center for Parent-Child Studies Summer Research Positions

      Interested in how to optimize children’s motivation and achievement in school. The Center for Parent-Child Studies focuses on the role of parents, teachers, and peers in children’s learning. We are currently recruiting Undergraduate Research Assistants to be part of our team for the Summer of 2017.  We are looking for motivated students who are meticulous, organized, and thoughtful.  Ability to work in the lab longer than the summer is a big plus! Must be willing to commit at least 12 hours a week to the lab. Course credit is available.

      Please contact Samantha Shah ( with any further questions.

      Published Mon, 20 Feb 2017 09:30:00 CST

    • Lifelong Brain and Cognition Lab seeking Volunteer/290 Research Assistants

      The Lifelong Brain and Cognition Lab is seeking undergraduate volunteer/290 research assistants for a variety of opportunities involving studies of executive control, memory, and visual attention processes across the lifespan. These may include experience in subject running, data coding and organization, magnetic resonance imaging, and neuropsychological assessments. If you are interested in learning more about the various projects and how you can apply to be a part of the research process, please contact Caitlin Kienzler (

      Published Fri, 20 Jan 2017 15:00:00 CST

    • Language Acquisition Lab - Spring 290 Opportunity

      Are you interested in how infants and children learn how to speak and understand their native languages? In the Language Acquisition Lab, we study how how children identify sound patterns of their language, learn the meaning of new words, and comprehend sentences. Our undergraduate RAs aid in this pursuit by interacting with children and families before and during our studies, coding and transcribing data, testing new study materials, and more. In exchange, you'll have the opportunity to gain valuble research experience and course credit!


      - Minimum commitment of 9hrs/wk including Friday mornings from 9:00AM to noon

      - Ability to work other shifts from 12:30PM to 3:30PM a plus!

      - Must be mature, responsible, and interested in working with children

      - Should be attentive to detail and willing to work as part of a team

      - Students interested in cognitive development and language are highly encouraged to apply!


      For more information, check out our website or email our lab coordinator ( If you're ready to submit an application please follow the instructions here, and email it to!

      Published Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:30:00 CST

    • Center for Parent-Child Studies looking for Spring 290s

      Interested in how to math skills develop in children? Join our research team to understand the role of parents in children's motivation and achievement. The Center for Parent-Child Studies is seeking students to be involved in all aspects of research this spring.  Please send a completed 290 application, as well as a resume if you have one, back to



      - Minimum commitment of 6 hrs/week 

      - Ability to work independently and as part of a team

      - Afternoon and evening availability preferred but not required 

      - Prefer a commitment longer than one semester


      Published Wed, 16 Nov 2016 11:45:00 CST

    • Research Opportunities with the YEDI Lab

      The YEDI (Youth, Emotion, Development, and Intervention) Lab is looking for undergraduate research assistants to assist with two studies. One study is based on a depression prevention program for adolescents, and the second study is about the development of the brain, thinking, and mood.

      Research Assistants will have the opportunity to schedule participants, assist with data entry and cleaning, run families for in-lab visits, and gain experience carrying out study protocols and administering lab tasks, including questionnaires, computer-based tasks of executive functioning, diagnostic interviews, etc.

      Research assistants will also have access to resources/advice for graduate programs and other job opportunities from graduate students, lab staff members, and the principal investigator.


      - Minimum commitment of 6 hrs/week for at least 2 semesters

      - Great interpersonal skills

      - Detail-oriented

      - Afternoon and evening availability required

      - Winter break availability is a plus

      Course credit is available.


      For more information, contact Fatema Jivanjee at, or visit our website at


      To apply, visit: YEDI Lab RA Application

      Published Tue, 15 Nov 2016 16:30:00 CST

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