Dr. Ranxiao Frances Wang

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Division: Visual Cognition & Human Performance

Associate Head for Graduate Studies, Professor of Psychology

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Research Description

I am interested in the basic principles used by humans and other animals to solve various perceptual and spatial problems, as well as how to implement these principles in artificial systems. I have been studying the reference systems and processes underlying human navigation, space perception, object and scene recognition, and visual perception of self motion.


  • Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology


  • Psych 230: Perception and Sensory Processes
  • Psych 334: Vision and Space Laboratory
  • Psych 516: Perception


Journal Articles

  • Wang, Ranxiao F. "Theories of spatial representations and reference frames: What can configuration errors tell us?." Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 19.4 (2012): 575-587.
  • Xiaoang, Wan, Ranxiao F. Wang, and james a. crowell. "The effect of landmarks in human path integration." Acta Psychologica 140.1 (2012): 7-12.
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Facilities Information

Accessibility in the Psychology Bldg

The project in the west basement corridor is to upgrade the accessibility to Room 23 with powered doors to allow proper ADA access. The next goal is to upgrade the accessibility to the Atrium and Room 142!