Jessica L. Montag

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Program Area: Cognitive

Assistant Professor of Psychology

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  • Cognition & Cognitive Development
  • Language Production and Comprehension
  • Language Development
  • Compilation and Analysis of Naturalistic Language Corpora (Speech, Text, Child-Directed Speech)

Research Description

I study how language abilities emerge with experience across the lifespan, including language comprehension, production, and reading. I use varied methods and measures, including language comprehension and production experiments in adults and children, compilation and analyses of text and speech corpora, and advanced quantitative methods.


  • PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison


Journal Articles

  • Montag, Jessica L., Michael N. Jones, and Linda B. Smith. "Quantity and diversity: Simulating early word learning environments." Cognitive Science 42 (2018): 375-412.
  • Montag, Jessica L., Kazunaga Matsuki, Jae Yun Kim, and Maryellen C. MacDonald. "The effects of word order on sentence structure choice in language production: A multi-clause and multi-language investigation." Collabra: Psychology 3 (2017): 20.
  • Montag, Jessica L., Michael N. Jones, and Linda B. Smith. "The words children hear: Picture books and the statistics of language learning." Psychological Science 26 (2015): 1489-1496.
  • Montag, Jessica L., and Maryellen C. MacDonald. "Text exposure predicts spoken production of complex sentences in 8- and 12- year old children and adults." Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 144 (2015): 447-468.
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