Dr. Simona Buetti

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Program Area: Attention & Perception

Research Assistant Professor of Psychology

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My research focuses onvisual attention and emotion-cognition interactions. I am also interested inindividual differences, specifically, in individuals who vary in terms of theirpersonality and emotional temperament (normal, at-risk for depression, at-riskfor mania, at-risk for phobia). I use a variety of methodologies and approaches:behavioral psychophysics, eye-tracking, computational modeling, electrodermalactivity measurements, and visual perimetry. Some of my recent work focuses on howcognitive load and task difficulty impact visual distractibility and visualsensitivity. In our lab, we are also studying visual search with a particularfocus on parallel vision. Our approach combines computational simulations,behavioral psychophysics, and eye- tracking to study the temporal dynamics ofearly visual processing. Using this approach, we try to predict performance incomplex scenes based on performance observed in simpler contexts. Finally, I amalso interested in the effects of perceived control (real and illusory) on emotionprocessing and attentional control. 


  • PhD. from the University of Geneva (Switzerland)


  • Perception and Sensory Processes (Psyc230)
  • The Attentive Mind (Psyc396)
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