Brian H. Ross

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Program Area: Cognitive

Professor Emeritus of Psychology

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Cognitive psychology issues in learning, memory, problem solving and categorization. In particular: problem-solving and learning in complex domains, categorization, learning, and use of concepts. Remindings and the use of memory.


  • Ph.D. from Stanford University


  • Psychology 224 -- Introduction to Cognition
  • Psychology 503 -- Concepts and Categories
  • Psychology 523 -- Problem solving


Book Contributions

  • Mestre, Jose P., Jennifer Docktor, Natalie Strand, and Brian H. Ross. "Conceptual problem solving in physics. ." The psychology of learning and motivation, Vol. 55: Cognition in education. . Ed. Jose P. Mestre and Brian H. Ross. San Diego: Academic Press, 2011.
  • Benjamin, Aaron S., and Brian H. Ross. "The causes and consequences of reminding. ." Successful remembering and successful forgetting: A Festschrift in honor of Robert A. Bjork. . Ed. Aaron S. Benjamin. New York: Psychology Press, 2010.

Journal Articles

  • Jones, Erin L. "Classification versus inference learning contrasted with real-world categories." Memory & Cognition 39 (2011): 764-777.
  • Murphy, Gregory L., and Brian H. Ross. "Uncertainty in category-based induction: When do people integrate across categories? ." Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 36 (2010): 263-276.
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