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The members of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of Psychology are committed to fostering and supporting a climate of inclusion, celebrating human diversity in all its forms, and engaging in cutting edge diversity science. Our commitment to diversity reflects the stated values and mission of the University of Illinois.

University of Illinois System Nondiscrimination Statement

University of Illinois at Ubana-Champaign Senate: Resolution on Diversity Values Statement

Illinois EDGE


Departmental Diversity Highlights Include:

  • Diversity Seminar:

    The weekly Diversity Seminar, hosted by members of the Clinical-Community program area every Friday at 9:30am in Room 318, is open to all members of the Department and campus. Diversity seminar participants discuss timely topics related to diversity and inclusivity, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, social class, ability, LGBTQ, immigration, international status, and the justice system. To be added to the Diversity Seminar listserv, email Dr. Nathan Todd.

  • Campus Diversity Conversations:

    Several Psychology faculty and students have been involved in organizing, planning, and hosting the Spring 2015 series of Campus Conversations on Diversity and School Spirit, part of Inclusive Illinois. These faculty and students include Dr. Wendy Heller, Dr. Mikhail Lyubansky, and Yara Mekawi.

  • Suinn Achievement Award:

    The Department of Psychology's Program in Clinical-Community Psychology received the Suinn Minority Achievement Program Award from the American Psychological Association (APA) in 2003. The award is given to university psychology departments that have demonstrated excellence in recruitment, retention and graduation of ethnic minority students. For more awards, see our Diversity Awards Page.

Department Diversity Committee

The Department of Psychology Diversity Committee consists of faculty, staff, and students who come together to help promote and support the Department's diversity mission.

Current members include:

  • Nicole Allen, Associate Head & Director of Graduate Studies
  • Cheryl Berger, Assistant Head for Alumni Relations
  • Brett Boeh, graduate student, Clinical/Community Psychology
  • Nickholas Grant, graduate student, Clinical/Community Psychology
  • Wendy Heller, faculty & Head of the Department of Psychology
  • Alejandro Lleras, Chair, Visual Cognition & Human Performance
  • Mikhail Lyubansky, faculty, Clinical/Community Psychology
  • Andrea Miller, faculty, Social-Pesonality Psychology
  • Dan Newman, faculty, Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Chadly Stern, faculty, Social-Personality Psychology
  • Billy Vermillion, Academic Advisor

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Facilities Information

All-Gender ADA Accessible Restroom

The Psychology Department is very pleased to announce that an all-gender, ADA accessible, family-friendly restroom has been built on the first floor next to the elevators. The department partnered with F&S to construct this new restroom, which is now available to use. Please note that there is an indicator on the door showing whether the restroom is available or in use. Be sure to lock the door while using the restroom, and unlock the door before leaving.

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