Research Fair

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Tuesday, September 4

4:00 - 5:30 pm

Psychology Atrium (first floor)

Each semester, the Psychology Department sponsors a research fair where laboratories recruit undergraduates to become research assistants (PSYC 290).

Held on the 2nd Tuesday of the semester in the Psychology Atrium (first floor) from 4-5 pm, this is your chance to get involved in a psychology research laboratory.

Whether you want to be a casual researcher - just need some elective hours; an exploring researcher - thinking of research as a possible career path but would like to learn more from the graduate student or faculty member in the lab; or the determined researcher - wanting to get as much experience as possible to prepare for a Ph.D. research graduate program, you'll 290 fairhave the opportunity.

Come as you are (no dress code) with your questions and your enthusiasm.

Labs @ Research Fair on September 4

Social Action Lab

Infant Cognition Lab

Decision Making Lab

The Culture and Social Behavior Lab
The Center for Parent-Child Studies

Contact Katerina Newman <>

Adult Learning Lab
Social, Cognitive, Personality, and Emontional (SCoPE) Neuroscience Lab
Learning and Language Lab
Vision Lab
Cognition and Brain Lab
Language Acquisition Lab
Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience of Psychopathology (CANOPY)
Alcohol Research Lab


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