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PSYC 492 - Capstone Undergraduate Research

(Year-long commitment - Fall/Spring)

Provides in-depth background knowledge of their research, and teaches students to make effective oral and written presentations of their findings. In conjunction with advanced independent research, the Capstone Undergraduate Research course will facilitate the preparation of a Bachelor's thesis that can be submitted for the awarding of the departmental distinction at graduation. May be taken for two semesters with the first (fall) semester emphasizing a review of the literature and the second (spring) semester concentrating on the presentation of the results.

Concurrent enrollment required in PSYC 494, Advanced Research in Psychology.

Approval is required by PSYC 492 coordinator and PSYC 494 faculty supervisor.PSYC 492 AY18-19 Enrollment Permisson Form

Bachelor's Thesis

A formal report and the culmination of your independent research. The thesis is written as part of your PSYC 494 (Advanced Research in Psychology) or as part of the Psychology Honors Program. Students writing a thesis as a PSYC 494 participant may submit their report for Psychology Departmental Distinction. Psychology Honors students' theses are automatically submitted for distinction.

Departmental Distinction

Students wishing to receive recognition for excellence in their research by graduating with Distinction in Psychology must write a Bachelor’s Thesis, have at least a 3.0 GPA, and the professor with whom the student did the research must write a letter of support. An original, one additional hard copy of the thesis along with an electronic version, and the letter of support must be received by the Secretary for the Associate Head for Undergraduate Affairs by the appropriate deadline (given below). All theses and letters of support are evaluated by the departmental distinction committee for the granting of Distinction. Each student awarded Distinction is recognized at the Psychology Department Awards Ceremony and Graduation with Distinction is entered into the student’s permanent academic record. Complete information found on Distinction website.

Date of Graduation Date of Submission
January Noon, First Monday in December
May April 15
August Noon, First Monday in July

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