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2015-2016 Psychology Leaders

Psychology Leaders 2016

Front Row (L-R): Maryoli Rojas, Aimee Schneider, Oladoyin Okunoren, Aline Sredni; Middle Row (L-R): Joseph Menza, David In, Sam Ferber, Adonis Holmes, Kelia Pope, Daniel Szoke; Back Row (L-R): Jeff Ruser, Samantha Esser, Insia Hakim, Sahana Moodabagil, Aleksandra Myrda, Mia Eccher, Cheryl Cheong, Yiyun Wang (Not pictured: Mia Velaquez)

2016-2017 Psychology Leaders

2016-17 Psychology Leaders

Front Row (L-R): Aimee Schneider; Oladoyin Okunoren, Yijun Wang; Middle Row (L-R): Daniel Szoke, Joseph Menza, Sam Ferber, Keila Pope, Adonis Holmes; Back Row (L-R): Samantha Esser, Aleksandra Myrda, Sahana Moodabagil; Insia Hakim, Maryoli Rojas, Aline Sredni

Teamwork. Leadership. Service

2016 School Book Project2016 School Book Project

The Department of Psychology formed a Student Leader Program at the beginning of the 2014 fall semester. Undergraduates selected to participate in this program will work with the department in a variety of areas including fundraising, outreach, and philanthropy.This is a great way to gain marketable skills, get involved with the department and the Psychology Alumni Advisory Board, and give back to other students and the local community!

I Love Illinois Week FlyerPsychology Student Leaders are expected to attend monthly meetings, participate in a required number of departmental activities each academic year, and take part in both fall and spring service projects. Continued membership is contingent upon satisfactory performance.

Eligibility requirements:

Declared psychology major: freshman, sophomore, junior and seniors are eligible to participate in the program.

To apply:

In 250 words or less explain why you want to be a Psychology Leader and describe the qualities and/or skills that you would bring to the group.

Include a resume that lists your college level leadership experience, volunteer work, extracurricular activities (including research, internships, service-learning, etc.). Freshman may include high school activities. In addition, include: UIN #, university email, phone number, and year in the program.

Submit this information by August 28, 2017 to Cheryl Berger, Assistant Head for Alumni Relations and Coordinator for the Psychology Leaders Program:

You can view pictures of Psychology Leader activities at: Photo Galleries



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