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2015-2016 Psychology Leaders

Psychology Leaders 2016

Front Row (L-R): Maryoli Rojas, Aimee Schneider, Oladoyin Okunoren, Aline Sredni; Middle Row (L-R): Joseph Menza, David In, Sam Ferber, Adonis Holmes, Kelia Pope, Daniel Szoke; Back Row (L-R): Jeff Ruser, Samantha Esser, Insia Hakim, Sahana Moodabagil, Aleksandra Myrda, Mia Eccher, Cheryl Cheong, Yiyun Wang (Not pictured: Mia Velaquez)

2016-2017 Psychology Leaders

2016-17 Psychology Leaders

Front Row (L-R): Aimee Schneider; Oladoyin Okunoren, Yijun Wang; Middle Row (L-R): Daniel Szoke, Joseph Menza, Sam Ferber, Keila Pope, Adonis Holmes; Back Row (L-R): Samantha Esser, Aleksandra Myrda, Sahana Moodabagil; Insia Hakim, Maryoli Rojas, Aline Sredni

2018-2019 Psychology Leaders

2018-2019 Psychology Leaders

Front Row (L-R): Madilyn Billings, Katie Malcharek, Insia Hakim, Sarah Craig, Jessica Hougsted; Middle Row (L-R:): Jaida McDowell, Sofia Lazzaro, Jordan Dickson, Nandika Chatterjee, Cat Frey, Angel Chan; Back Row (L-R): Jacob Triplett, Kenna Ducoff, Olivia Spence, Nora Liang, Ola Myrda, Donovan Maloney, Jae Kim; Not Pictured: Grace Ikenberry, Madeline Scala

Teamwork. Leadership. Service

2016 School Book ProjectDinner honoring Psycholgy alumna Luvvie Ajayi

The Department of Psychology formed a Student Leader Program at the beginning of the 2014 fall semester. Undergraduates selected to participate in this program will work with the department in a variety of areas including fundraising, outreach, and philanthropy.This is a great way to gain marketable skills, get involved with the department and the Psychology Alumni Advisory Board, and give back to other students and the local community!

I Love Illinois Week FlyerPsychology Student Leaders are expected to attend monthly meetings, participate in a required number of departmental activities each academic year, and take part in both fall and spring service projects. Continued membership is contingent upon satisfactory performance.

Eligibility requirements:

Declared psychology major: freshman, sophomore, junior and seniors are eligible to participate in the program.

To apply:

In 250 words or less explain why you want to be a Psychology Leader and describe the qualities and/or skills that you would bring to the group.

Include a resume that lists your college level leadership experience, volunteer work, extracurricular activities (including research, internships, service-learning, etc.). Freshman may include high school activities. In addition, include: UIN #, university email, phone number, and year in the program.

For more information contact: Cheryl Berger, Assistant Head for Alumni Relations and Coordinator for the Psychology Leaders Program:

You can view pictures of Psychology Leader activities at: Photo Galleries



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