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Program Description

Honors Applications Due Friday, November 16 Psychology Honors Program 2019-2020 Application

The Psychology Department's Undergraduate Honors Program is a three semester pattern of courses designed to offer promising undergraduates an opportunity to do sustained scholarly work on a specific research project, culminating in the preparation of an undergraduate Bachelor's thesis.Honors Program

The program is designed, primarily, for students with a research and scholarly orientation toward psychology. It is of less educational relevance to those students who have a professional or service orientation toward psychology.

The three-semester honors program begins with a literature review project in the Spring semester of the junior year and culminates with a bachelor's thesis and poster presentation in the Spring semester of the senior year.

Detailed PDF Honors Program Description

Requirements and Procedures for Admission to the Honors Program

Minimum academic requirements for admission into the junior year portion of the program are:

  • Completion of first semester of junior (third year in school) - qualified sophomore candidates MAY be considered based on the applicant pool.
  • A grade point average of 3.5 in psychology, and of 3.5 in overall University of Illinois cumulative average at the time of application. Exceptions to this rule may be granted at the direction of the program director.
  • Completion of an introductory course in Psychology (Psychology 100, 103, or equivalent), Psychology statistics (Psychology 235, or equivalent), and at least two other courses in Psychology.
  • Completion of at least one of the Department's laboratory courses. Strongly recommend that this requirement is satisfied prior to the start of the program.

Of course, most students enrolling in the junior honors seminar have records much stronger than those implied in the above minimum requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I apply?

An informational meeting is traditionally held in late October or early November. Applications are made available at/after the meeting.

Who gets accepted?

Students meeting the minimum requirements listed above and those who have already established a working relationship in a Psychology laboratory have a better chance of being admitted to the program.

Do I need to be a Psychology major to participate?

Student need not be a psychology major to be admitted to the Honors Program, but must declare a Psychology major to graduate with High or Highest Distinction in Psychology.

Detailed PDF Honors Program Description


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