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New Undergraduate Award!

Laura Bolton, Psychology Alumnus Laura Bolton Research Development Award


Psychology alumnus Laura Bolton has donated funds to create a Research Development Award. This award will

  • Provide financial support for qualified undergraduate students in psychology who are doing summer research in a Psychology lab on campus.
  • Help cover personal expenses such as living costs while you are doing the research. It is not designed to cover research expenses.
  • Be given to deserving students each year. This year, the limited availability of funds allows for the support of just 1 undergraduate psychology student, who will receive the $1,250 award.


Current UIUC Psychology undergraduate psychology majors who have:

  • Secured a summer research position in a Psychology lab on the UIUC campus that lasts for at least six weeks with a minimum of 160 hours of total work performed.
  • Earned a minimum UIUC GPA of 2.5 both in the Psychology major and overall.

How to apply:

Submit a completed application packet by email to Gary Wszalek (, by 5 pm Wednesday May 16, 2018.

Application Packet Checklist (one copy of each of the following):

Please contact Gary Wszalek for more information.

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