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Departmental Opportunities

The Department of Psychology offers a variety of opportunities to participate in community projects as well as to achieve honors or distinction in your research. Follow the link below to learn more about these opportunities

Internship opportunities New!

Financial support for unpaid summer internships is now available through the Professional Development Award. This award was created using the Shape the Future Today donations from Psychology alumni.

A summer internship whether paid or unpaid is one of the best uses of the knowledge and skills that you acquire as a Psychology major. Follow the link below to learn more about internships.

Research opportunities

PSYC 290, Research Experience in Psychology, and PSYCH 494, Advanced Research in Psychology, provide research opportunities to undergraduate students. Credit hours are granted based on the scope of the work provided. PSYC 290s tend to be "entry-level" experiences in which students gain first-hand experience conducting laboratory research. The scope and type of work vary across disciplines and faculty, but will involve active participation in ongoing research. For example, you may enter data, transcribe interviews, run experiments and participate in lab meetings. Three hours of laboratory work is expected for each PSYC 290 credit hour and the work is graded as S/U. PSYC 290 hours count toward your overall credits in Psychology and UIUC. They do not affect your GPA and cannot satisfy any specific requirements. Consider PSYC 290 credit as elective hours.

PSYC 494s tend to follow PSYC 290s, involve more extensive laboratory experiences, and allow students the opportunity to study topics in greater depth. Psych 494 involves writing a scholarly paper that must be at least 4 pages / credit hour and demonstrate your ability to think critically about issues associated with your research. PSYC 494 credit is letter graded (A-F) and counts as "advanced hours" in LAS. These hours can be used toward your Psychology and LAS requirements. Written permission must be obtained from your faculty research supervisor during the first two weeks of the semester to undertake a 494.

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