How To Declare A Concentration

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If you are interested in a Psychology Concentration,

May/August 2017 Graduates

Confirm your progress in a concentration by generating a "Concentration-specific" Degree Audit Report -

  • Use the "Run Selected Program" feature to generate a Concentration Audit


  1. College = UKV - LAS
  2. Degree Program = Psych: "Intended Concentration"
  3. Catalog Year = Fall 2015

If Psychology Concentration requirements will be completed by May 2017, contact your assigned Psychology Academic Advisor. Your advisor will approve the switch from your current Psychology major to a concentration major. No other action is needed on your part.

December 2017 and later Graduates

  1. Continue taking the appropriate Psychology Concentration courses.
  2. Meet regularly with your academic advisor to confirm program
  3. Concentration Declarations for December 2017 students can be made as you enroll for your final courses.
  4. Your advisor will confirm the intended completion of the concentration and then notify your LAS Records Officer to approve the switch from your current major to a concentration major.

Freshmen and Transfer Students Admitted Spring 2017 and later

Admitted as "Psych: No Concentration"

Please talk with your academic advisor about your plans and "be intentional"!

  • Continue taking the appropriate Psychology Concentration courses.
  • Generate a concentration specific Degree Audit Report. (see instructions above)
  • Conversion to a specific concentration will take place closer to graduation.
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FAQs - General

Q: Can I have more than one concentration?

A: No, concentrations are single majors

Q: Minimum GPA for a concentration?

A: 2.0 gpa is required for all concentrations

Q: Can I switch concentrations?

A: Yes, but you will switch/declare your concentration in October of your senior year (or sooner if courses are completed)

Q: Do PSYC 290 research hours count?

A: Only for General Concentration.

Q: Can study abroad classes count?

A: Only with pre-approval from Associate Head for Undergraduate Affairs.