Clinical/Community Concentration

Section 1


Requires 32 hours of "PSYC" coursework plus an approved statistics course.

Minimum thirteen (13) hours of PSYC 300- or 400-level credit required (includes lab/research methods course).

Introductory Foundation Courses

Introductory Psychology - choose one


Introductory Statistics - choose one*

Equivalent Statistics Courses – STAT 100, 200, 212, or 400; ECON 202 or 203; EPSY 280 or 480; SOC 280; SOCW 225; ACE 261; CHLH 244; PS 230; UP 116 These courses meet the statistics requirement but do not count toward PSYC hours

200-Level Foundation Courses

Biological / Cognitive - choose two

Clinical / Developmental / Organizational / Personality/ Social - choose one



















Concentration Courses

200-Level Core - choose one


Research Methods


Concentration Electives

1) Race/Ethnicity - choose one

2) Additional Courses - choose three

PSYC 336 - Topics in Clinical/Comm. Psych

PSYC 340/341 - Community Projects

(Competitive application process - minimum 1 year commitment)

PSYC 396 - Inter. Topics in Clinical/Comm. Psych


*A maximum of three (3) hours of PSYC 494 research conducted in a Clinical/Community Psychology Lab may be applied to the concentration. Research applying to the concentration must be approved in advance by faculty/lab coordinator. For potential PSYC 494 concentration credit, students must:

Submit a satisfactory 10-page paper OR

Submit a Bachelor's Thesis

The 10 pages does not include the title page, figures, tables or references, and the paper must be accompanied by a signed statement from the faculty research advisor that the paper qualifies for the credit toward the concentration. Suggestions for a paper include a mini- bachelor's thesis or an in-depth background literature search.

Application of PSYC 494 credits toward the concentration will be made during the semester of paper/thesis submission.

Independent research must be "substituted" into the Degree Audit Report. Consult with your Psychology Advisor.

Section 2



FAQs - General

Q: Can I have more than one concentration?

A: No, concentrations are single majors

Q: Minimum GPA for a concentration?

A: 2.0 gpa is required for all concentrations

Q: Can I switch concentrations?

A: Yes, but you will switch/declare your concentration in October of your senior year (or sooner if courses are completed)

Q: Do PSYC 290 research hours count?

A: Only for General Concentration.

Q: Can study abroad classes count?

A: Only with pre-approval from Associate Head for Undergraduate Studies.

FAQs - Clinical/Community

Q: Can I take both PSYC 238 and 239?

A: Yes, one course will satisfy the "Gateway" requirement and the other course will contributed to "Additional Courses" requirement.

Q: Can I take both PSYC 312 and PSYC 416?

A: Yes, both courses will contribute to "Advanced Level" requirement.

Q: Does PSYC 496, CCP, count toward the Clinical/Community concentration?

A. No, the first semester of the Counseling Center Paraprofessional Program does not contribute to this concentration.