Time Sheet Instructions

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Blank paper time sheets and a payroll schedule can be picked up from Room 333 in the Psychology Building. They are in a holder on the door.

Completed time sheets are turned in to Room 333 Psychology (in the slot of the holder on the door of Room 333).

Fill out your time sheet like the sample time sheet at the bottom of this page.

See the payroll schedule; the pay period is biweekly and starts on specific Sundays. Your time sheet dates need to correspond to the dates on the payroll schedule.

More than one job? Fill out a separate time sheet for each job.

Time sheets are due by noon on the date in the Due Date column of the Payroll Schedule.

Turn in your signed biweekly time sheet to 333 Psychology (place it in the slot of the holder on the door). Students and supervisors need to initial all changes. Use the conversion chart on the back of the time sheet (or the table below) to report fractions of an hour.

If the time sheet is turned in late, it may not be paid out until the next pay period.

Instructions for Use of the Biweekly Daily Time sheet

Record the following information:


  • 1. Date
  • 2. Hour - From
  • 3. Hour - To
  • 4. Total hours per day
  • 5. Supervisor's initials for approval


  • 7. Name of employee
  • 8. Account code number
  • 9. Department
  • 10. Employee's signature
  • 11. Supervisor's signature
Conversion chart for minutes to tenths of hours
1-2 min .0 33-38 min .6
3-8 min .1 39-44 min .7
9-14 min .2 45-50 min .8
15-20 min .3 51-56 min .9
21-26 min .4 57-60 min 1.
27-32 min .5    


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Staff Spotlight

Lisa TaylorLisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor joined the Psychology Business Office in April 2014 on a part-time basis as an Account Technician, mainly processing expense reimbursements and handling purchases. Prior to joining Psychology, Taylor worked in the employee benefits/group insurance industry for 30 years, starting out as the Insurance Officer at the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) and most recently as a Benefits Service Representative for Wells Fargo Insurance Services.

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For Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters, students may apply for an Alumni Advisory Board Award of up to $350. Faculty may apply for a Lanier Award of up to $750. These funds may be used for any research-related activity, e.g., supplies, software, equipment, printing, subject payments, travel, etc. Requests should be submitted to the Business Office.