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How Do I Buy Something?

  1. Campus Stores
  2. Go to the Campus Stores1 website to search for the item needed. On a Purchasing Worksheet (opens in a new window)2 list the catalog number, a brief description of the item being ordered, and the dollar amount. Turn the worksheet in to Brenda Reinhold in Room 327 or Lisa Taylor in Room 330 and they will place the order.

  3. Less than $5000
  4. Fill out a Purchasing Worksheet (opens in a new window)3 and bring it to Lisa Taylor in Room 330. At that time, it will be determined if a P-Card can be used, or if a Requisition for a Purchase Order will be needed to place the order. See the list of exceptions4. If your item is on the exception list, it must be done on a Requisition.

    P-Card orders will be placed by phone, fax, or website.

  5. More than $5000 or on Exception List
  6. Fill out a Purchasing Worksheet (opens in a new window)5 along with a quote (including estimated shipping charges) and bring them to Brenda Reinhold in Room 327 or Lisa Taylor in Room 330. These orders must be processed on a Requisition. Be sure to check with Brenda or Lisa to see if further documentation is required.

  7. Less than $250
  8. Personal reimbursement through the department: It is preferred that items purchased with personal funds should be the last option available. The Reimbursement Worksheet (opens in a new window)6 should be submitted to Brenda Reinhold in Room 327 or Lisa Taylor in Room 330 along with the receipt.

Tax-Exempt Status

    Pay no sales tax on purchases from vendors registered in Illinois. Purchasers should emphasize the University's tax-exempt status and exemption number when placing telephone orders. Purchases from vendors outside of Illinois may or may not be exempt. The University has reciprocity with the following states: Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. See Section 18.6, Sales and Use Tax for additional information, including sales and use tax assessed by other states, and the University's sales tax exemption letter.

Purchasing Worksheet

Reimbursement Worksheet

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Staff Spotlight

Brenda ReinholdBrenda Reinhold

Brenda joined our Business Office team in August as a procurement specialist. She brings with her a wealth of procurement experience on campus and will be responsible for the oversight of all purchase related activities for the department. She will be located in room 327, and you can reach her by emailing

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For Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters, students may apply for an Alumni Advisory Board Award of up to $500. Faculty may apply for a Lanier Award of up to $750. These funds may be used for any research-related activity, e.g., supplies, software, equipment, printing, subject payments, travel, etc. Requests should be submitted to the Business Office.