Business Office FAQ

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Director- Suzanne McNattin:, 344-2878, rm 325

Sarah Challand:, 333-6824, rm 329

Summer Curry:, 265-5259, rm 333

Mae Donaldson:, 333-3361, rm 331

Brenda Reinhold:, 244-4613y, rm 327

Lisa Taylor:, 333-0647, rm 330


Questions and Answers

Human Resources (HR)

Want to hire an undergraduate, staff member, or post doc? Summer Curry

Want to hire a graduate student? Ashley Ramm

To whom do I turn in my timesheet? Summer Curry

Other Employment questions? Summer Curry


Where do I pick-up my office/lab keys? Suzanne McNattin

Note: $20 key deposit is required (cash or check only)

Where do I go if I lose my keys? Suzanne McNattin

Where do I return my keys? Suzanne McNattin


Want to apply for a grant? Mae Donaldson

Want to renew a grant? Mae Donaldson

Questions after your grant is awarded? Sarah Challand

Who do I contact to get access to my monthly reports? Sarah Challand

Questions about your monthly reports? Sarah Challand


Want to make a purchase? Brenda Reinhold or Lisa Taylor

Want to be reimbursed for items you already purchased? Brenda Reinhold or Lisa Taylor


Want to travel and/or be reimbursed for travel? Brenda Reinhold or Lisa Taylor

Phones (Lync)

Have a problem with your phone? Suzanne McNattin

Copy and Supply Room

Need copies? Dana Loschen provides limited copying assistance

Need office supplies? Suzanne McNattin


Comments or concerns about the content of pages describing the Psychology Department can be sent by e-mail to Jane Jukes at

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Staff Spotlight

Lisa TaylorLisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor joined the Psychology Business Office in April 2014 on a part-time basis as an Account Technician, mainly processing expense reimbursements and handling purchases. Prior to joining Psychology, Taylor worked in the employee benefits/group insurance industry for 30 years, starting out as the Insurance Officer at the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) and most recently as a Benefits Service Representative for Wells Fargo Insurance Services.

Services Information


For Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters, students may apply for an Alumni Advisory Board Award of up to $350. Faculty may apply for a Lanier Award of up to $750. These funds may be used for any research-related activity, e.g., supplies, software, equipment, printing, subject payments, travel, etc. Requests should be submitted to the Business Office.