Dr. Michelle Y. Wang

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Program Area: Quantitative

Associate Professor of Psychology
Associate Professor of Statistics

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  • Statistical/mathematical methods, machine learning and data mining
  • Signal and imaging processing, computation, and analysis
  • Quantitative and cognitive psychology
  • Precision medicine

Research Description

Cognitive and Brain Sciences; Signal and Image Computation and Analysis; Statistical and Quantitative Methods in Psychology and Neuroscience.


  • Ph.D. from Yale University


  • Covariance Structure and Factor Models
  • Methods of Applied Statistics
  • Applied Regression and Design
  • Image and Neuroimage Analysis
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Image Processing with Matlab
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Signals and Systems


Book Contributions

  • Wang, M. Y. "Multi-scale information, network, causality, and dynamics: mathematical computation and bayesian inference to cognitive neuroscience and aging." Functional Brain Mapping and the Endeavor to Understand the Working Brain. 2013. 181-208.

Journal Articles

  • Xia, J., and M. Y. Wang. "Particle filtering with sequential parameter learning for nonlinear BOLD fmri signals." Advances and Applications in Statistics 40 (2014): 61-74.
  • Wang, Y. M., and J. Xia. "Unified framework for robust estimation of brain networks from fMRI using temporal and spatial correlation analyses." IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 28 (2009): 1296-1307.
  • Zhou, C., and Y. M. Wang. "Hybrid permutation test with application to surface shape analysis." Statistica Sinica 18 (2008): 1553-1568.
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