Wenting Mu

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Program Area: Clinical/Community


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  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Negative Self-Conscious Emotions
  • Personality Change
  • Scale Development

Research Description

Broadly speaking, my program of research focuses on delineating the roles of emotion and personality variables in depression and anxiety. Central to my research has been the proposal of a dimensional approach to studying negative self-conscious emotions —a strong risk factor for depression and anxiety. One limitation within the existing literature is that negative self-conscious emotions are hard to distinguish from one another (e.g., shame and guilt are highly correlated). Therefore, working with Professor Howard Berenbaum, I conceptualized and proposed a dimensional approach to study negative self-conscious emotions. Using this framework, I identified common characteristics shared by all negative self-conscious emotions, as well as characteristics unique to each emotion. I also delineated their differential relationship to depression and anxiety.

A second line of my research is concerned with personality risk factors for depression and anxiety. I approach this topic focusing on change. Working with Professor Brent Roberts, I examined how change in personality (e.g., neuroticism, self-esteem) is related to change in depression and anxiety. When possible, I took a transdiagnostic approach focusing on the common aspects shared by depression and anxiety. 

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