Sarah Havens Sperry

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Program Area: Clinical/Community



  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Ambulatory Assessment
  • Affective Science

Research Description

My research broadly examines bipolar spectrum disorders from behavioral, cognitive, and physiological perspectives. More specifically, I am interested in emotion dynamics, impulsivity, and reward sensitivity and how these factors influence risk for the development of and outcomes related to bipolar psychopathology. I primarily use experience sampling methodology and ambulatory assessments to examine these constructs in daily life. 


  • Tufts University, B.S.
  • University of North Carolina Greensboro, M.A.

Distinctions / Awards

  • APF/COGDOP Graduate Research Scholarship
  • APAGS Junior Scientist Fellowship
  • Nancy Hirschberg Memorial Research Award
  • Ed Scheiderer Memorial Research Award
  • Frederick & Ruby Kanfer Award



Office Hours

  • Thursday 9:00 - 10:30


Journal Articles

  • Sperry, Sarah H., Thomas R. Kwapil, Kari M. Eddington, and Paul J. Silvia. "Psychopathology, everyday behaviors, and autonomic activity in daily life: An ambulatory impedance cardiography study of depression, anxiety, and hypomanic traits." International Journal of Psychophysiology 129 (2018): 67-75.
  • Harper, Kelly L., Paul J. Silvia, Kari M. Eddington, Sarah H. Sperry, and Thomas R. Kwapil. "Conscientiousness and effort-related cardiac activity in response to piece-rate cash incentives." Motivation and Emotion (2018): <>.
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  • Silvia, Paul J., Zuzana Mironovov√°, Ashley N. McHone, Sarah H. Sperry, Kelly L. Harper, Thomas R. Kwapil, and Kari M. Eddington. "Do depressive symptoms blunt effort? An analysis of cardiac engagement and withdrawal for an increasingly difficult task." Biological Psychology 118 (2016): 52-60.
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  • Lewandowski, Kathryn E., Dost Ongur, Sarah H. Sperry, Bruce M. Cohen, Selma M. Sehovic, Jackie Goldbach, and Fei Du. "Myelin versus axon abnormalities in white matter in bipolar disorder." Neuropsychopharmacology 40 (2014): 1243-1249.
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  • Lewandowski, Kathryn E., Sarah H. Sperry, Mary C. Malloy, and Brent P. Forester. "Age as a predictor of cognitive decline in bipolar disorder." American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 12 (2013): 1462-1468.
  • Lewandowski, Kathryn E., Bruce M. Cohen, Matcheri S. Keshavan, Sarah H. Sperry, and Dost Ongur. "Neuropsychological functioning predicts community outcomes in affective and non-affective psychoses: a 6-month follow-up." Schizophrenia Research 148 (2013): 34-37.
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