Michael W. Kraus

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Division: Social-Personality

Assistant Professor of Psychology

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  • Social Hierarchy
  • Emotion
  • Close Relationships
  • Culture
  • Self

Research Description

My research examines the ways in which social hierarchy, emotion, and close relationships shape social life. I study these broad areas through a variety of research methods ranging from ethological observations, to psychophysiological assessments, to controlled laboratory experiments.


  • BA and PhD, University of California, Berkeley


  • Power, Status, and Influence

Office Hours

  • 12-2pm Tuesdays


Journal Articles

  • Kraus, Michael, and Teh-Way D. Chen. "A Winning Smile? Smile Intensity, Physical Dominance, and Fighter Performance." Emotion (2013):
  • Kraus, Michael W., Paul K. Piff, Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, Michelle L. Rheinschmidt, and Dacher Keltner. "Social class, solipsism, and contextualism: How the rich are different from the poor." Psychological Review 119 (2012): 546-572.
  • Kraus, Michael, Serena Chen, and Dacher Keltner. "The power to be me: Power elevates self-concept consistency and authenticity." Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 47 (2011): 974-980.
  • Kraus, Michael W., Cassy Huang, and Dacher Keltner. "Tactile communication, cooperation, and performance: An ethological study of the NBA." Emotion 10 (2010): 745-749.
  • Kraus, Michael, and Serena Chen. "Facial Feature Resemblance Elicits the Transference Effect." Psychological Science 46 (2010): 518-522.
  • Kraus, Michael, and Dacher Keltner. "Signs of Socioeconomic Status: A Thin Slicing Approach." Psychological Science 20 (2009): 99-106.
  • Kraus, Michael, Paul Piff, and Dacher Keltner. "Social class, sense of control, and social explanation." Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 97 (2009): 992-1004.
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