Michael W. Kraus

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Division: Social-Personality

Assistant Professor of Psychology

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  • Social Hierarchy
  • Emotion
  • Close Relationships
  • Culture
  • Self

Research Description

My research examines the ways in which social hierarchy, emotion, and close relationships shape social life. I study these broad areas through a variety of research methods ranging from ethological observations, to psychophysiological assessments, to controlled laboratory experiments.


  • BA and PhD, University of California, Berkeley


  • Power, Status, and Influence

Office Hours

  • 12-2pm Tuesdays


Journal Articles

  • Kraus, Michael, and Teh-Way D. Chen. "A Winning Smile? Smile Intensity, Physical Dominance, and Fighter Performance." Emotion (2013):
  • Kraus, Michael W., Paul K. Piff, Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, Michelle L. Rheinschmidt, and Dacher Keltner. "Social class, solipsism, and contextualism: How the rich are different from the poor." Psychological Review 119 (2012): 546-572.
  • Kraus, Michael, Serena Chen, and Dacher Keltner. "The power to be me: Power elevates self-concept consistency and authenticity." Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 47 (2011): 974-980.
  • Kraus, Michael W., Cassy Huang, and Dacher Keltner. "Tactile communication, cooperation, and performance: An ethological study of the NBA." Emotion 10 (2010): 745-749.
  • Kraus, Michael, and Serena Chen. "Facial Feature Resemblance Elicits the Transference Effect." Psychological Science 46 (2010): 518-522.
  • Kraus, Michael, and Dacher Keltner. "Signs of Socioeconomic Status: A Thin Slicing Approach." Psychological Science 20 (2009): 99-106.
  • Kraus, Michael, Paul Piff, and Dacher Keltner. "Social class, sense of control, and social explanation." Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 97 (2009): 992-1004.
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The project to reroof the Psychology Building will begin on March 22, at the start of spring break. The BIKE AREA will close earlier in March to allow for staging. The ATRIUM will be closed for two weeks starting on March 22.