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Contact Information:

  • Address:
    405 N. Matthews Ave Beckman Institute 2424 uiuc campus mail, IL 00001
  • Telephone: (217)244-1618

Research Description

My overarching research interest consists of understanding the neural systems that give rise to memory, with a primary focus on the hippocampal-medial temporal lobe (MTL) system, and how this system changes over the lifespan. Of particular interest are the cognitive and neurobiological effects of certain lifestyle factors on the aging and developing hippocampal-MTL system, including physical fitness and exercise, nutrition, social engagement, and head trauma. An additional area of study is the development of cognitive tasks that are able to differentiate normal aging from very mild dementia, with a long-term research goal of detecting dementia in its earliest stages and preventing its development through various lifestyle interventions. Methods utilized to achieve these research goals include structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging, eye-tracking, and patient studies.


  • BS, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Journal Articles

  • Monti, Jim M., Michelle W. Voss, Ari Pence, Edward McAuley, Arthur F. Kramer, and Neal J. Cohen. "History of mild traumatic brain injury is associated with deficits in relational memory, reduced hippocampal volume, and less neural activity later in life." Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 5.41 (2013):
  • Monti, Jim M., Charles H. Hillman, and Neal J. Cohen. "Aerobic fitness enhances relational memory in preadolescent children: The FITKids randomized control trial." Hippocampus 22.9 (2012): 1876-82.
  • Monti, Jim M., Sandra Weintraub, and Tobias Egner. "Differential age-related decline in conflict-driven task-set shielding from emotional versus non-emotional distractors." Neuropsychologia 48.6 (2010): 1697-706.
  • Egner, Tobias, Jim M. Monti, and Christopher Summerfield. "Expectation and surprise determine neural population responses in the ventral visual stream." Journal of Neuroscience 30.49 (2010): 16601-8.
  • Mohanty, Aprajita, Tobias Egner, Jim M. Monti, and Marsel M. Mesulam. "Search for a threatening target triggers limbic guidance of spatial attention." Journal of Neuroscience 29.34 (2009): 10563-72.
  • Summerfield, Christopher, Emily H. Trittschuh, Jim M. Monti, Marsel M. Mesulam, and Tobias Egner. "Neural repetition suppression reflects fulfilled perceptual expectations." Nature Neuroscience 11.9 (2008): 1004-6.
  • Egner, Tobias, Jim M. Monti, Emily H. Trittschuh, Christina A. Wieneke, Joy Hirsch, and Marsel M. Mesulam. "Neural integration of top-down spatial and feature-based information in visual search." Journal of Neuroscience 28.24 (2008): 6141-51.
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Psychology Bldg Roof Project Moves Ahead

The project to reroof the Psychology Building is moving forward with the installation of the new skylights. The ATRIUM has been closed while these are being installed, and will be closed for a week afterward so it can be thoroughly cleaned. We hope that the Atrium will be reopened on Monday, June 22.