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Michael is interested in students' beliefs about education, including beliefs about the self, intelligence, and knowledge. Michael's research investigates how students' beliefs develop and how they relate to motivation and achievement in STEM education. Recently, he has focused on how the language adults use can change children's thinking and beliefs.


  • PhD, Developmental Psychology - Duke University - 2016
  • MA, Developmental Psychology - Duke University - 2013
  • BS, Psychology - The Ohio State University - 2011


Journal Articles

  • Barger, Michael M. "Connections between instructor messages and undergraduate students' changing personal theories about education." Journal of Experimental Education (2018):
  • Barger, Michael M., Tony Perez, Dorian A. Canelas, and Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia. "Constructivism and personal epistemology development in undergraduate chemistry students." Learning and Individual Differences 63 (2018): 89-101.
  • Barger, Michael M., and Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia. "Developmental Systems of Students' Personal Theories About Education." Educational Psychologist 52.2 (2017): 63-83.
  • Barger, Michael M., Stephanie V. Wormington, Lisa G. Huettel, and Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia. "Developmental changes in college engineering students' personal epistemology profiles." Learning and Individual Differences 48 (2016): 1-8.
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