Monica Fabiani

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Program Area: Cognitive Neuroscience

Professor of Psychology

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  • Address:
    517 Psychology Bldg.
    603 East Daniel St.
    M/C 716
    Champaign, IL 61820
  • Telephone: (217)244-1117

Research Description

Monica Fabiani's research interests are in the cognitive neuroscience of human memory and aging, as well as in the development of tools for the non-invasive mapping of human brain function. As is typical of the cognitive neuroscience approach, her research involves the integration of data from different domains, including behavioral responses, neuropsychological tests, and brain anatomy and function (event-related brain potentials, or ERPs; structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI; and optical imaging, including near infrared spectroscopy, or NIRS, and a new technique developed by Gabriele Gratton (CNS Group) and Fabiani, the event-related optical signals, or EROS). Fabiani's current research encompasses several interconnected lines: (1) Research on the neurophysiological and psychological bases of sensory and working memory in normal aging , with particular reference to frontal lobe/executive function and individual differences among younger and older adults; (2) an extension of this research to the effects of alcohol on executive function ; (3) research on the development of a new non-invasive optical brain imaging method (the event-related optical signal * EROS) and its integration with currently existing methods; and (4) research on the application of optical methods (EROS and near-infrared spectroscopy * NIRS) to issues of aging research, with emphasis on neurovascular coupling .


  • Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


  • Psych 404 / Neuro 405 (Cognitive Neuroscience)
  • Psych 452 Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging
  • Psych 496 FG Critical thinking in cognitive neuroimaging

Recent Publications

Brumback, C. R., Low, K., Gratton, G., & Fabiani, M. (2005). Putting things into perspective: Differences in working memory span and the integration of information. Experimental Psychology, 52(1), 21-30.

Fabiani, M., & Gratton, G. (2005). Electrophysiological and optical measures of cognitive aging. In R. Cabeza, L. Nyberg, & D. Park (Eds.). Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging: Linking Cognitive and Cerebral Aging. Oxford University Press.

Fabiani, M., Ho, J., Stinard, A., & Gratton, G. (2003). Multiple visual memory phenomena in a memory search task. Psychophysiology, 40, 472-485.

Fabiani, M., Low, K. A., Wee, E., Sable, J. J., & Gratton, G. (2006). Reduced suppression or labile memory? Mechanisms of inefficient filtering of irrelevant information in older adults. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 18(4), 637-650.

Gratton, G., Fabiani M., Elbert, T., & Rockstroh, B. (2003). Seeing right through you: Applications of optical imaging to the study of the human brain. Psychophysiology, 40(4), 487-491.

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