Lin Bian

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Program Area: Developmental


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  • Social Cognition
  • Stereotyping & Gender Gaps
  • Achievement & Motivation
  • Categorization & Inductive inferences
  • Sociomoral Reasoning
  • Psychological Reasoning

Research Description

My research interest is broadly about studying social cognitive development in infants and children. Specifically, I'm interested in exploring the early precursors of stereotyping and achievement-related theories as well as examining the effect of generic statements on children's social cognition. Under the supervision of Dr. Andrei Cimpian, my research focuses on the following questions: (1) Why are women underrepresented in certain academic fields? (2) How do people form stereotypes about social groups? and (3) What are the consequences of the stereotype against a social group's ability? More importantly, I aim to examine these questions from a developmental perspective to better understand how these beliefs develop. 

I'm also interested in psychological reasoning and socialmoral reasoning in infancy. Under the supervision of Dr. Renee Baillargeon, I explore the following questions: (1) How do young infants understand the goals of agents to further predict their actions? and (2) What principles guide infants' expectations about how individuals should interact with each other? In particular, my current research examines at what age infants begin to expect people to follow the ingroup-love and fairness principles. 

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