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I was born and grew up in Vienna, Austria. After graduating from high school I moved to Berlin, Germany to obtain my Bachelors degree in Psychology at Humboldt University to Berlin. During my undergrad I spent one year as an exchange student at UC Davis. It was then during my time working with Dr. Jeff Sherman, when I found my passion for research in Social Psychology.

After graduation from Humboldt University, I moved to Maastricht, the Netherlands, to obtain my Masters degree in Health and Social Psychology. During that time I completed my research internship working with Dr. John B Pryor at Illinois State University.

After all these moves and travels I finally settled in Urbana, IL and became a grad student in the Social Psychology PhD program at UIUC. Now I am working under Dr. Chadly Stern.

My hobbies include reading, sports (Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting), traveling, going to the movies, etc.


  • Stigma, Bias, Prejudice


  • MSc in Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • MSc in Health and Social Psychology, Maastricht University
  • BSc in Psychology, Humboldt University to Berlin
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