Jesse Preston

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Division: Social-Personality

Assistant Professor of Psychology

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    423 Psychology Bldg.
    603 E. Daniel Street
    Champaign, IL 61820
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Research Description

I study the Cognitive Science of Religion with a focus on the conflict between science and religion.  For instance, my work has found that strong scientific explanations for mysterious phenomena (e.g., life, the experience of consciousness) can decrease religious explanations (e.g., God as creator, belief in soul). But when scientific explanations are weak, belief in religious explanations is increased,  what is sometimes called "God-in-the-gaps effect". 

More broadly, I am interested in conflicting attitudes and competition between moral goals. Along this theme I have conducted research on religious disgust, prosociality, political attitudes, and attitudes toward climate change. 


  • B.A. Psychology, University of Winnipeg, 1999
  • PhD, Social Psychology, Harvard University, 2005


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Facilities Information

Psychology Bldg Roof Project: Re-roofing

The storm at the beginning of June caused a large amount of water to get beneath the new roof membrane. Unfortunately this means that the new roof has to be removed an replaced. The re-roofing has begun. The north and west sides will be done first, then the south and east. The west side of the building will closed for a week to allow a crane access that that portion of the roof.