Gabriele Gratton

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Program Area: Cognitive Neuroscience

Professor of Psychology

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Contact Information:

  • Address:
    519 Psychology Bldg.
    603 E. Daniel Street
    M/C 716
    Champaign, IL 61820
  • Telephone: (217)244-1019

Research Description

Gabriele Gratton's interests are in cognitive neuroscience, specifically in the basic organization (spatial, temporal, and functional) of elementary cognitive processes such as those involved in sensory and working memory, attention, motor preparation, and strategy selection. Gratton has been focusing on the application of functional brain imaging methods to the study of these processes in normal adult subjects using optical, electrophysiological and hemodynamic techniques.


  • Ph.D. from University of Illinois; M.D. from University of Rome

Recent Publications

DeSoto, M.C., Fabiani, M., Geary, D. L., and Gratton, G. (2001), *When in Doubt, do it Both Ways: Brain Evidence of the Simultaneous Activation of Conflicting Responses in a Spatial Stroop Task,* Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 13, pp. 523-534.

Gratton, G. (1998), *The Contralateral Organization of Visual Memory: A Theoretical Concept and a Research Tool,* Psychophysiology, 35, pp. 638-647.

Gratton, G., and Fabiani, M. (in press), *Shedding Light on Brain Function: The Event-related Optical Signal,* Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

Gratton, G., Goodman-Wood, M. R., and Fabiani, M. (2001), *Comparison of Neuronal and Hemodynamic Measure of the Brain Response to Visual Stimulation: an Optical Imaging Study,* Human Brain Mapping, 13, pp.13-25.

Gratton, G., Sarno, A. J., Maclin, E., Corballis, P.M., and Fabiani, M. (2000), *Toward Non-invasive 3-D Imaging of the Time Course of Cortical Activity: Investigation of the Depth of the Event-related Optical Signal (EROS),* NeuroImage, 11, pp. 491-504.

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