Dr. Joseph Rich Cohen

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Program Area: Clinical/Community

Assistant Professor of Psychology

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  • Developmental Psychopathology
  • Depression
  • Neglect

Research Description

My research focuses on how and why certain children and adolescents go on to develop internalizing symptoms. Specifically, I examine the prospective interplay between cognitive, interpersonal, and physiological vulnerability factors and the onset and maintenance of depression in both domestic and international youth samples. In recent years, I have become increasingly interested in translating these basic developmental psychopathology findings into screening procedures that can better identify youth living in adverse family contexts, and thus, at elevated risk for psychological distress. Over the next several years, I look forward to taking an applied developmental psychopathology approach to research in which more objective psychosocial screening procedures are developed on the bases of novel, longitudinal, laboratory studies with at-risk youth.


  • Ph.D. Rutgers University


Journal Articles

  • Cohen, J R., C N. Spiro, J F. Young, B E. Gibb, B L. Hankin, and J R. Abela. "Interpersonal risk profiles for youth depression: A person-centered, multi-wave, longitudinal study." Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology (2015): In Press.
  • Cohen, J R., J F. Young, B E. Gibb, B L. Hankin, and J R. Abela. "Why are anxiety and depressive symptoms comorbid in youth? A multi-wave, longitudinal examination of competing etiological models." Journal of Affective Disorders 161 (2014): 21-29.
  • Cohen, J R., K M. Spiegler, J F. Young, B L. Hankin, and J R. Abela. "Self-complexity in early and middle adolescence: The relation between self-structures and prospective emotional distress." Journal of Early Adolescence 34 (2014): 531-544.
  • Cohen, J R., B L. Hankin, B E. Gibb, C Hammen, N A. Hazel, Ma D, X Z. Zhe, S Yao, and J R. Abela. "Negative attachment cognitions and emotional distress in mainland Chinese adolescents: A prospective multi-wave test of vulnerability-stress and stress generation models ." Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology 42 (2013): 531-544.
  • Cohen, J R., J F. Young, and J R. Abela. "Cognitive vulnerability to depression in children: An idiographic, longitudinal examination of inferential styles." Cognitive Therapy and Research 36 (2012): 643-654.
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