Konrad W Bresin M. S.

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Division: Clinical/Community


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My research is interested in answering the question why people engage in behaviors that may have short-term benefits (e.g. temporary relief from painful emotions) but have long-term negative consequences (e.g., problems in interpersonal relationships, physical health problems).  I am particularly interested in the role that emotions play in the onset and continuance of these behaviors. To date, my  research has focused on the behaviors of nonsuicidal self-injury, aggression, and substance use. 


  • North Dakota State University
  • University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
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Psychology Bldg Wireless Upgrade

Technology Services employees have been working over the winter break to upgrade wireless capability in the building. This includes installing additional routers to give us more access points. The basement and first floor are finished, and the workers will be working on the upper floors during the week and weekend to finish the upgrade as soon as possible.