Nicole E Allen

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Program Area: Clinical/Community

Associate Head and Director of Graduate Studies, Professor of Psychology

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Research Description

My research program has four major thrusts: a) to examine systems change processes in the response to social issues (namely, intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and juvenile delinquency) and the role of collaborative settings in facilitating such change; b) to explore the experiences of individuals as they navigate complex systems (formal systems such as criminal justice, human service, health care, as well as informal systems such as faith-based settings, sororities, and social networks); c) to investigate the effectiveness of social interventions that aim to alter the contexts of individuals’ lives to promote health and well-being; and d) to examine the gendered nature and context of intimate partner violence.


  • Ph.D. from Michigan State University

Distinctions / Awards

  • 2003 Graduate Student Organization Instructional Award for Outstanding Teaching and Advising of Graduate Students, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.
  • 2009/2010 Helen Corley Petit Scholar
  • 2011 Dazzling Woman Faculty Award, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Women’s Resource Center Annual Awards.
  • 2015 Campus Award for Excellence in Public Engagement for the Psychological Services Center Advocacy Project. Project Director.
  • 2015 Fellow, Association for Psychological Science (APS)
  • 2016 University Scholar, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign


  • 2006 National Institute of Justice (NIJ). Coordinating the Criminal Justice Response to Intimate Partner Violence: The Role of Collaborative Settings in Producing Systems Change. N. Allen, Principal Investigator. $356,830 funded.
  • 2009 Substance Abuse Mental Health Administration Children’s Mental Health Initiative. N. Allen, & M. Aber, Principal Co-Directors of Research Component. $1,800,000 over six years.
  • 2014 System of Care Statewide Expansion Implementation Grant. Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration Children’s Mental Health Initiative via State of Illinois. M. Aber & N. Allen, Principal Co-Directors of Research Component. $541,760 over four years.
  • 2015 Champaign County Community Mental Health Board. Evaluation of Mental Health Board Funded Programs. N. Allen & M. Aber, Co-Principal Investigators. $50,000 funded.

Recent Publications

Dworkin, E., Newton, E., & Allen, N. E. (in press). Seeing roses in the thorn bush: The complexity of sexual assault survivors’ perceptions of social reactions. Psychology of Violence.

Dworkin, E., Pittenger, S. & Allen, N. (in press). Disclosing sexual assault within social networks: A mixed-method investigation. American Journal of Community Psychology.

Dworkin, E. R., & Allen, N. (2016). Correlates of disclosure cessation after sexual assault. Violence against women, 1077801216675743.

Dworkin, E. R., Javdani, S., & Allen, N. E. (2016). If you build it, will they come? Explaining participation in family violence councils. Journal of Community Psychology, 44(4), 442-463.

Dworkin, E. R., Sorell, N. R., & Allen, N. E. (2016). Individual-and setting-level correlates of secondary traumatic stress in rape crisis center staff. Journal of interpersonal violence, 31(4), 743-752.

Javdani, S., & Allen, N. E. (2016). An ecological model for intervention for juvenile justice-involved girls development and preliminary prospective evaluation. Feminist Criminology, 11(2), 135-162.

Rana, S., & Allen, N. E. (2015). Centrality measures to identify key stakeholders in Family Violence Councils. Psychosocial Intervention, 24(3), 167-176.

Lehrner, A., & Allen, N. E. (2014). Construct validity of the Conflict Tactics Scales: A mixed-method investigation of women’s intimate partner violence. Psychology of violence, 4(4), 477.

Walden, A., Javdani, S., & Allen, N. (2014). Engaging conflict: Supporting power-sharing through constructive conflict resolution. Journal of Community Psychology, 42 (7), 854 – 868.

Allen, N. E., Todd, N., Anderson, C., Davis, S., Javdani, S., Bruehler, V., & Dorsey, H. (2013). Council-based approaches to intimate partner violence: Evidence for distal change in the systems response. American Journal of Community Psychology, 52, 1 – 12.

Allen, N. E., Larsen, S., Trotter, J., & Sullivan, C. (2013). Exploring the core components of an evidence-based community advocacy program for women with abusive partners. Journal of Community Psychology, 41 (1), 1 – 18.

Allen, N. E., Larsen, S., Javdani, S., & Lehrner, A. (2012) Council-based approaches to reforming the healthcare response to domestic violence: Promising findings and cautionary tales. American Journal of Community Psychology, 50, 50 – 63.

Shpungin, E., Allen, N.E., Loomis, C., Dello Stritto, M.E., & Swift, C. (2012). Keeping the spirit alive: Using feminist relevant methodology to raise awareness of inequities in a professional organization. Journal of Community Psychology, 40 (1), 44 - 61.

Allen, N. E., Javdani, S., Lehrner, A., & Walden, A. (2011). Changing the text: Modeling council capacity to produce institutionalized change. American Journal of Community Psychology, 48, 208 – 221.

Todd, N., & Allen, N.E. (2011). Religious congregations as mediating structures for social justice: A multilevel examination. American Journal of Community Psychology, 48 (3-4), 222 – 237.

Javdani, S., Allen, N. E., Todd, N., & Anderson, C. J. (2011). Examining systems change in the response to domestic violence: Innovative applications of multilevel modeling. Violence Against Women, 17 (3), 359 – 375.

Javdani, S., & Allen, N.E. (2011a). Councils as empowering contexts: Mobilizing the front line to foster systems change in the response to intimate partner violence. American Journal of Community Psychology, 48 (3-4), 208 - 221.

Lehrner, A., & Allen, N. E. (2009). Still a movement after all these years? Current tensions in the domestic violence movement. Violence Against Women ,15 (6), 656-677.

Lehrner, A., & Allen, N. E. (2008). Social change movements and the struggle over meaning-making: A case study of narratives of domestic violence. American Journal of Community Psychology, 42 (3-4), 220-234.

Allen, N. E., Lehrner, A., Mattison, E., Miles, T. & Russell, A. (2007). Promoting systems change in the health care response to domestic violence. Journal of Community Psychology, 35 (1), 103 - 120.

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