Aishwarya (Ash) Rajesh B.E., M.S., M.A.

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Program Area: Clinical/Community


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  • Computational Statistics
  • Neuroimaging
  • Traumatic Brain Injury

Research Description

My work broadly focuses on understanding the dynamic representations in the brain associated with self-regulation .There is relative agreement in the extant literature that self-regulation involves the modulation of thought, affect, behavior, or attention via deliberate use of cognitive control mechanisms (Buckley, 2014).  Following this overarching goal, my research spans two interconnected tracks. One line of research is aimed at clarifying the construct of self-regulation, including the various components that interact to generate dysfunctional self-regulation (specifically, apathy).  A second area of my research aims to understand whether and how lifestyle interventions (such as attention-based mindfulness training and embodied cognition-based theater acting)  can promote self-regulation in aging and clinical populations.     

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Click on the title to check out these pictures from the classroom remodeling project in the basement. A second project to replace the elevators will begin in September. Beginning with the freight elevator, each elevator will be out of service for three months. To get quickly from one floor to another, and improve your fitness, we will encourage the use of the stairs. The repainting of the northeast stairwell has been completed, and the painter is starting on the southwest stairwell.