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Felicia Carparelli

Felicia Carparelli (BS Psychology & Music Minor '74; MS, Library Science'75)

I was a student at the University of Illinois, many years ago.  I graduated with a B.S. in Psychology Major, Music Minor, in 1974.  I chose Psychology because I wanted to be a therapist and was interested in human behavior.  Instead, I chose to become a librarian, and received a Masters in Library Science from Urbana in 1975. I worked as a librarian for 15 years, then returned to school and received a Master in Special Education from Grand Canyon University.  I was working as I studied for this second Masters.

 Yes, yes, yes! A bachelors is not enough in today’s job market.  If you wish to continue in the field of psychology, as a therapist, researcher, or social worker or beyond- you need additional degrees.   This is the way of the world.

I wish I had been more confident in my skills back then; it took me a while to get my act together, but that’s ok! Don’t give up on your dreams, but also make sure when you graduate you can get a good job and pay your bills!  I also hope your student loans, if any, are reasonable.

My psychology background was a great help in working with people of all ages in libraries and schools. There will always be a need for professionals to study and cope with human behavior.

Good luck!

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