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What's Your Story?

Undergraduate psychology students would like to know how you use your Psychology major in your current field/job/career. Here's an opportunity to share your story with current undergraduate students.

Read About:

Dr. Bradley Axelrod: Neuropsychologist, Department of Veteran Affairs

Bradley Axelrod


Dr. Daniel Burbach, Lakeview Psychological Associates, S.C. & Midwest Consultants in Forensic Psychology, LLC.

Dr. Daniel Burbach

Fabian Camarena: Certified Public Accountant, Director of Finance for Fortune 50 insurance company

Fabian Camarena

Alicia Canario: Human Resource Professional

Alicia Canario

Tynisa Gaines: Private tax practice

Tynisa Gaines


Ryan Graff: Vice President of Program Devleopment & Participant Opportunities, The First Tee

Ryan Graff


Dr. W. Rodney Hammond: (Retired) Director of the Division of Violence Prevention (National Center for Injury Prevention, Centers for Disease Control)

Dr. W. Rodney Hammond


Lauren Hays: Human Resources Director, Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health Center

Lauren Hays


Erica Hornthal: Owner, Chicago Dance Therapy

Erica Hornthal


Dr. Anna Kokayeff: Physician in private practice

Dr. Anna Kokayeff


Michael Langendorf: (Retired) Social Worker
Brian Lazzaro: Nationally Certified School Psychologist
Brad Perlstein: Vice President of Human Resources, Komatsu

Brad Perlstein


Keri Carter Pipkins: Associate Director, The Career Center, University of Illinois

Keri Carter Pipkins


Nicole Shields: School Social Worker, Pre-K-5th, Paxton-Buckley-Loda School District 10

Nicole Shields


Dr. Allen Shub: Professor Emeritus of Management, and Retired Associate Provost, Northeastern Illinois University

Allen Shub

The Honorable Jill-Ellyn Straus: District Court Judge, 17th Judicial District of Colorado

The Honorable Jill-Ellyn Straus


Dr. Stephan Wiet: Research Director of Consumer Sciences, McNeil Consumer Healthcare (over the counter pharmaceutical arm of Johnson & Johnson)

Stephan Wiet


Share Your Story (Anonymous)


Please use the following question template to share your story.

While you were at the University of Illinois:

* How/why did you choose Psychology as a major?

* What specific skills did you develop by taking Psychology courses?

* Outside the classroom, what opportunities/experiences were most beneficial?

* Did you believe that you “had to” obtain more schooling after your bachelor’s degree?

* In retrospect, what would you have done differently as an undergraduate?

After graduating from Illinois:

* If your bachelor’s degree was the highest degree you earned, describe the first job(s) you held.

* If you continued more schooling after your bachelor’s degree, share your reasons.

* Describe how you utilize your undergraduate Psychology skills in your current job/career.

* What pearls of wisdom can you offer to current undergraduate students?

Feel free to cut/paste your responses and e-mail them (along with a picture if you like) to Cheryl Berger, Assistant Head for Alumni Relations -



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