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The Psychology Department is composed of nine substantive program areas, with each faculty person participating in one or more areas. Graduate students in the department belong to one area, and the different program areas can have different curricula and requirements. The program area structure is fairly flexible, and the department encourages collaboration and interaction across areas. Faculty often are loosely affiliated with multiple program areas, and students regularly work with faculty from multiple areas. The program areas are:

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Graduate Spotlight

Katherine WoodKatherine Wood

Congratulations to Katherine Wood! She's been awarded an NSF fellowship for her research she describes below. Katherine is a Graduate Student in the VCHP program area working with Dan Simons. Research Summary: We don't perceive everything that passes before our eyes. Often this means that irrelevant information doesn't occupy limited cognitive resources, but sometimes these failures of awareness blind us to important aspects of our environment. My research focuses on these failures of awareness, particularly on the information that gets filtered out. What kinds of objects are we most likely to miss? When are we most vulnerable to these failures of awareness? How do changes to the task or environment affect this filtering? Better understanding of how we filter information from our environment can potentially help us understand demanding real-world tasks, such as driving.

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