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The Psychology Department is composed of nine substantive program areas, with each faculty person participating in one or more areas. Doctoral students in the department belong to one area, and the different program areas can have different curricula and requirements. The program area structure is fairly flexible, and the department encourages collaboration and interaction across areas. Faculty often are loosely affiliated with multiple program areas, and students regularly work with faculty from multiple areas. The program areas are:

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Graduate Spotlight

Julianne GriffithJulianne Griffith

Congratulations to Julianne Griffith! She's been awarded an NSF fellowship for her research she describes below. Julianne is a Graduate Student in the Clinical/Community program area working with Benjamin Hankin. Research Summary: My research is interested in examining the social context of emotional development in adolescence, particularly as it relates to adolescent depression. Specifically, I am interested in exploring the ways in which positive emotions emerge and function in the context of close interpersonal relationships. For my NSF project, I aim to use experience sampling methods (ESM) to examine capitalization processes in parent-adolescent dyads, with the ultimate goal of learning more about how positive emotions are experienced and regulated in adolescents’ daily life.

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