Graduate Academic Advising

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When admitted, students are paired with an academic and research advisor.  Many times one faculty member will fill both roles.  Your academic advisor will work with you to create a coursework plan customized to your interests and goals.  Research advisors help you cultivate your research and writing. 

The staff of the Graduate Student Affairs Office is here to support our students from the application process through graduation.  We may assist with questions about such topics as:

  • Student Record Updates – Requirements, Evaluations, Awards, etc.
  • Fellowships and Assistantships
  • Registration Processing – Late Registration, Audit, Credit/No Credit, Restriction Lifts, PSYC 590/599 Course Reference Number (CRN) Distribution, etc.
  • Graduate College Deadlines and Forms
  • Thesis/Dissertation Support – Committee Approval, Form Preparation, Format Compliance

This list is not all inclusive and we are happy to help whenever possible.  Collaborating with other campus units (Graduate College, Academic Human Resources, etc.), we assist our students through each stage of their academic career.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. 

Graduate Office Staff

Description: C:\Users\aramm\Desktop\Ashley's\Pictures\IMG_0325.JPG   Ashley Ramm – Program Coordinator

  309 Psychology Building, MC-716

  603 E. Daniel Street
  Champaign, IL 61820

  (217) 333-2169


Description: C:\Users\aramm\Desktop\Ashley's\Pictures\June's pic.jpg

  June Eubanks – Office Support Specialist

  307 Psychology Building, MC-716

  603 E. Daniel Street
  Champaign, IL 61820


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Graduate Spotlight

Suvarna MenonSuvarna Menon

Suvarna is supervised by Dr. Nicole Allen and studies violence against women (VAW) in India and the community response to violence. Her most recent study examined the formal response to VAW in India through interviews with key community stakeholders.These included formal responders like police officers, NGO workers, lawyers and government officials, aiming to examine the current status of coordinated response in India. She is currently studying women’s experiences of sexual harassment in public spaces and bystander efforts in India. She is also part of a collaborative effort (which includes multiple campus units including the Women's Resource Center, the Office of the Dean of Students, Fraternity and Sorority Affairs and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Access) to implement ICARE, a bystander intervention program to prevent sexual assault on campus. She is leading the evaluation component of this program. At present, she is the project coordinator and instructor for a community-based advocacy program for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault where she trains and supervises undergraduate student advocates.

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