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Psychology Alumni Advisory Board Travel Award Recipients

The Psychology Alumni Advisory Board has designated funds from the Shape the Future Today Fund to support graduate student conference travel. ¬†Graduate students who are presenting a paper or a poster at a conference are eligible to apply for the award. ¬†Presenting at conferences is a vital part of any graduate student’s career, both to develop important connections, and to solicit feedback on research and ideas.

The Department of Psychology would like to express our deep appreciation to the Psychology Alumni Advisory Board for its commitment to enhance the educational experience of our graduate students. Here are some of the recipients:

Brett Boeh (Clinical-Community Program)
Brett Boeh

I wanted to express my gratitude to you (Psychology Alumni Advisory Board) because of your efforts to secure some funding for graduate students at UIUC. As a graduate student in the clinical-community program, a lot of my research is in applied settings. These funds will give me the opportunity to pay for participants and share my findings at conferences without having to pay completely out of pocket.


Alexis DeCeanne (Industrial/Organizational Program)
Alexis DeCeanne

These funds will certainly further my career goals by helping me gain experience presenting as a graduate student, networking with influential members of my field, and learning from other presentations and research ideas. I really appreciate all that the Alumni Board does for current graduate students and for the University as a whole, and thank you for your immense generosity in making these funds available.

Christopher Widdowson (Attention & Perception Program)
Christopher Widdowson

Thank you so much for awarding me the travel funds to cover my conference expenses. Conferences are an excellent opportunity to network and share ideas with other members of the scientific community. I appreciate your dedication to fostering the development of young academics.


Yuta Katsumi (Cognitive Neuroscience Program)

Yuta Katsumi

Thank you very much for this generous award in support of my recent attendance at the 56th annual meeting for the Society for Psychophysiological Research. This year I got to present my poster on the neural correlates of observing intergroup social encounters in addition to submitting three other posters which I co-authored. Participation in a conference like this is of great benefit to me because I get to interact with and learn from scientists from diverse backgrounds with extensive expertise in psychophysiology. Thank you very much for making these travel funds available.

Sophie Lohmann (Social-Personality Program)

Sophie Lohmann

Thank you for supporting me in presenting my research! This conference is a major event in my field and attending offers me the opportunity to learn about new developments and to network. By presenting my own findings, my work can reach a wider audience and I am hoping for feedback and discussions that help me develop and improve my future research.


Why Give

There are additional ways alumni and friends of Psychology can support graduate students:

  • Summer research awards
  • Subject research costs
  • Research equipment
  • Fellowships
  • Career Colloquiums

In these difficult financial times for the State of Illinois and the university, the Psychology Department would like to thank you for your past support and encourage you to please donate so that we may maintain the excellence that our students deserve.

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Donor Spotlight

Sam KrugSam Krug

Dr. Samuel Krug, President of MetriTech and a member of the Alumni Advisory Board, helped to kick off our new fundraising drive with his donation to create the Raymond B. Cattell Scholarship in Psychology.

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