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Psychology Alumni Advisory Board Travel Award Recipients

The Psychology Alumni Advisory Board has designated funds from the Shape the Future Today Fund to support graduate student conference travel.  Graduate students who are presenting a paper or a poster at a conference are eligible to apply for the award.  Presenting at conferences is a vital part of any graduate student’s career, both to develop important connections, and to solicit feedback on research and ideas.

The Department of Psychology would like to express our deep appreciation to the Psychology Alumni Advisory Board for its commitment to enhance the educational experience of our graduate students. Here are some of the recipients:

Emily Hankosky (Behavioral Neuroscience Program)

Emily Hankosky

Thank you for your generous gift of supporting my travel to the Society for Neuroscience meeting.  This was extremely valuable for my career goals! I am planning to defend my dissertation this May and was able to meet with several potential post-doctoral advisors.  Having the chance to meet with them and share my ongoing research was invaluable in my search for the next step in my career!

Chistopher Zwilling (Quantitative Program)

Chris Zwilling

Thank you so much for providing these travel grants!  I am interested in applying statistical and psychological insights to the medical and health fields.  Being able to attend a conference like this one is invaluable for presenting my work and meeting other researchers with similar goals.

Shelbie Sutherland (Developmental Program)

Chris Zwilling

I am very grateful for the Alumni Advisory Board Graduate Student Travel Award. This award made it feasible for me to attend the Budapest CEU Conference on Cognitive Development. Many of the top scholars in cognitive development regularly attend this conference. This year in particular, there was a strong representation of scholars in my specific research area (how people generate explanations). Because of this award, I was able to present a new paper and get feedback from a number of researchers in my field. I also had the opportunity to network with fantastic scholars. Thank you so much for your generosity!

Camarin Meno (Clinical-Community Program)

Chris Zwilling

I am incredibly grateful for the travel support offered by the Psychology Alumni Advisory Board. With these funds, I will be able to travel to the 8th annual Native American and Indigenous Studies Association meeting to present my research on domestic violence advocacy in the Pacific Island of Guam, as well as interact with colleagues from multiple disciplines who are committed to understanding and supporting the welfare of indigenous communities worldwide.

Faith Shin (Social-Personality Program)

Chris Zwilling

Thank you for providing travel funds to graduate students! This year, I used the funds that the Alumni Advisory Board provided to attend the Conference on Empirical Legal Studies in St. Louis. I presented a poster about racial inequities in the bankruptcy system, and more specifically, how professionals in the field perceive these inequities. We find that even though African Americans are twice as likely to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy (which usually involves repayment and can be finally disadvantageous) than persons of other races, professionals within the bankruptcy system fail to notice this racial disparity and actually believe that it runs in the opposite direction. We hope that this research can point out that any system is subject to effects in which insiders fail to notice disparities. To overcome this, insiders should monitor their own systems and use hard data to perceive inequities. Thank you again for making travel funds available so that graduate students can present their work!

Daniel Storage (Developmental Program)
Daniel Storage (Developmental Division) I attended the 2016 SPSS Conference and met with several widely renowned "big wigs" in our field that not only provided invaluable feedback on my studies but also brainstormed ideas for next steps in future studies. Since that time and thanks to this feedback, I have made signifcantly more progress on the two projects that I presented on had I not attended SPSS. One of these projects is now published, while the other is in its final stages of the writing process and should be submitted for publication soon. Given that publications are the key to getting a job in academia after graduate school, I am excited by the progress I have made on this front in the last year. All of this would not have been possible without the generous gift of the Alumni Advisory Board, and I would like to extend a sincere thank you for providing graduate students in the University of Illinois Psychology Department the opportunity to receive these funds. Opportunities such as these, while generally few and far between, help us greatly and play a role in helping us navigate the financial difficulties of progressing through graduate school.

There are additional ways alumni and friends of Psychology can support graduate students:

  • Summer research awards
  • Subject research costs
  • Research equipment
  • Fellowships
  • Career Colloquiums

In these difficult financial times for the State of Illinois and the university, the Psychology Department would like to thank you for your past support and encourage you to please donate so that we may maintain the excellence that our students deserve.


2016 & 2017 Conference Travel Award Recipients

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Donor Spotlight

Sam KrugSam Krug

Dr. Samuel Krug, President of MetriTech and a member of the Alumni Advisory Board, helped to kick off our new fundraising drive with his donation to create the Raymond B. Cattell Scholarship in Psychology.

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