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2016 Alumni Professional Development Award Recipients

Your donations have made it again possible to help support undergraduate students in unpaid internships this summer through the Alumni Professional Development Awards. This year two awards are being given to the following recipients:

Allison Cho is an intern at the Country Support Unit of the World Health Organization (WHO)
Allison Cho

As an intern in the Country Support Unit (CSU) of WHO WPRO, I will be responsible for assisting in the stocktaking of WHO reform since the year 2009. This includes the review of all changes made since then, whether technical or administrative, and the assessment of their impact and relevance to WHO’s overall mandate. Specifically, I will be aiming to capture the achievements made and what actions can be further engaged to attain the desired results, while also being able to apply my knowledge of organizational psychology. I hope to learn more about the workings of health administration so I can apply it to my ultimate goal of hospital administration. I look forward to learning about the policies and procedures that go into improving the effectiveness and efficiency of an entity’s contribution to health development. I am extremely grateful that this award has assisted me in my first opportunity to get a hands-on experience in the health administration field, providing me years of sophisticated professional development and personal growth.

Maryoli Rojas is an intern at Chicago's Children Advocacy Center.
Maryoli Rojas

As a Child Life intern at Chicago's Children Advocacy Center, my main responsibility will be to create a comfortable, safe, and trusting environment to children who are survivors of sexual abuse. Whether it is before/after their Forensic Interview and/or their scheduled therapy session, I interact and play with the children all while engaging them in activities I create. Also, I am completing another summer internship at Children's Home + Aid, Rice Child + Family Center as a Residential Intern. I act as a role model and teach life skills to children in the group home, while providing as much help possible to the staff. The majority of these children struggle with severe behavioral problems and their past trauma, which impedes them from having a healthy development. Both internships will help me to learn to become an advocate for children who have undergone abuse and neglect, while also helping the children heal. Being awarded the Professional Development Award will be of tremendous help as both internships, each of 18-20 hours, do not allow me to be employed.

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Donor Spotlight

Sam KrugSam Krug

Dr. Samuel Krug, President of MetriTech and a member of the Alumni Advisory Board, helped to kick off our new fundraising drive with his donation to create the Raymond B. Cattell Scholarship in Psychology.

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