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Sam Krug

Dr. Samuel Krug, President of MetriTech and a member of the Alumni Advisory Board, helped to kick off our new fundraising drive with his donation to create the Raymond B. Cattell Scholarship in Psychology.

Our Alumni Board Spotlight is on Sam Krug. Click here to learn more.

Alumni Advisory Board Fund Drive
"Shape the Future Today"

Alma Mater statue in front of Altgeld Hall

"To thy happy children of the future, those of the past send greetings.” Alma Mater inscription

We would like to thank all of the contributors to our first fundraising campaign for making it such a success. The campaign raised $32,828 to provide need-based scholarships for unpaid internships and update classrooms with state-of-the art audio-video technology. The campaign ended at 131% of our $25,000 objective. We applaud you for having such a positive impact on the futures of current students. With our university and state budgets stretched, the cost of a college education is challenging for many to afford, and the need to help our students develop the skills and competitive edge to succeed in today’s workplace, we have decided to launch a new Shape the Future Campaign.  We are expanding our scope and raising the financial goal to $100,000. That’s our goal as alumni. That will be our legacy.

Our goal can be achievable with your help so the Psychology Department can:

  • Award multiple need-based tuition scholarships for undergraduate students
  • Award multiple need-based scholarships for unpaid internships
  • Upgrade more classrooms with state-of-the –art audio/video/internet technology
  • Help graduate student group (SPARC) fund an alumni speaker series to foster their educational development

We all recognize how costly a college education is and how an internship can lead to a student’s first job upon graduation.  In addition, an internship provides skills that can give a student a competitive edge. There is growing discussion about how to measure the value of a degree from a University based upon the compensation of a university’s recent graduates.

The Psychology Department Alumni  Advisory Board is so committed to the success of this campaign, we have 100% participation from our members.

Each donor, with the donor’s approval, will be recognized on the “Friends of Psychology” page of the Campaign’s website. We are also adding a student section to encourage our students to help each other. We believe that nurturing a spirit of giving among students will benefit them and our society as they grow in their careers.

Please help the Shape the Future Today campaign by having a positive impact on students today. It’s a great feeling and a wonderful cause.

Steve Wiet, President
Loren Kuzuhara, Vice President
Larry Moller, President Emeritus

Our Goal

Fund raising thermometer with a goal of $100,000 and $37,173 raised so far.

Our first fundraising campaign exceeded our goal of $25,000. Our NEW fundraising drive is just starting but with the help of the Alumni Advisory Board, we have hit the ground running. With your help NOW we are more than ONE-THIRD of the way to our goal!


Donor Levels

Platinum $1000 or more

Gold $500 to $999

Silver $250 to $499

Brass $100 to $249

Bronze $10 to $99

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