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College of Education 2016-2017 Dean's Diversity Lecture Series

These lectures are designed to engage the campus in healthy dialogues surrounding the issues of equity and diversity on and off campus.

Dian Squire LectureD. L. Stewart Lecture

For more information:dean's-distinguished-lecture-series


Daytime Flashlight Vigil Against Acts of Intolerance
May 5, 2016, Psychology Atrium

Psychology's Vigil on May 5, 2016Psychology's Vigil

The Diversity Committee with the support from Department leadership and administration hosted this event. There have been multiple incidents of intolerance on campus recently: swastikas, the noose, anti-immigrant chalking, white student union website, and offensive party costumes.

Current Action:
In order to show solidarity with those directly targeted by these actions;

In order to express our strong belief that acts of intolerance and structural violence deeply affect and hurt all of us;

In order to end the semester on a note of witnessing and honoring inclusivity.

Bring your flashlights and phones to light up the atrium.


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Facilities Information

Building Remodeling Projects

Click on the title to check out these pictures from the classroom remodeling project in the basement. A second project to replace the elevators will begin in September. Beginning with the freight elevator, each elevator will be out of service for three months. To get quickly from one floor to another, and improve your fitness, we will encourage the use of the stairs. The repainting of the northeast stairwell has been completed, and the painter is starting on the southwest stairwell.

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