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Department of Psychology Diversity Award

The Department of Psychology Diversity Award was established to recognize outstanding graduate students engaged in research that contributes to better understanding of psychological topics related to diversity, broadly defined. The ciriteria are: innovative research questions in the field of diversity science, innovative methods for studying diversity, efforts to broaden the impact of psychological science and theoryto underrepresented groups, integrating undergraduate researchers into diversity research, and efforts to improve the visibility of underrepresented groups in Psychology, either at the University or national level.

Qianqi Song

Professor Nicole Allen presented the first Department of Psychology Diversity Award to Qianqi "Chelsea" Song at the department's awards program on Saturday, May 13, 2017. Chelsea received the award for her research entitled, "Diversity Shrinkage: Cross-Validating Pareto-Optimal Weights to Enhance Diversity Via Hiring Practices." The research was conducted in collaboration with Serena Wee (Ph.D.'10), Assistant Professor at Singapore Management University, and Professor Daniel Newman (I/O Division).

Diversity Awards






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