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Distinguished Alumni Honored
The Department of Psychology established the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2006. Two alumni are selected for the award, one from academia, and one from the private sector, each with outstanding accomplishments in their respective fields. The alumni are honored at both the Psychology Department’s Awards Program and graduation ceremony in May.

2006 Distinguished Alumni Recipients

Kathy Olesker Pounds (B.S. 1971)

Fred R. Volkmar (B.S. 1972)

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2007 Distinguished Alumni Recipient

Bruno Breitmeyer (A.B. 1968)

James Spoor (1958)

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2008 Distinguished Alumni Recipients

Christopher Peterson (B.S. 1972)

William Schiemann (Ph.D. 1997)

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2009 Distinguished Alumni Recipients

John Bargh (B.S. 1971)

William Lenz (B.S. 1973)

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2010 Distinguished Alumni Recipients

James Davis (B.S. 1954)

Stephan Wiet (B.S. 1976)

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2011 Distinguished Alumni Recipients
The Honorable Jeffrey Ford (B.S. 1973, J.D. 1976)
Dr. James Leonard (B.S. 1977)
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2012 Distinguished Alumni Recipient
Lawrence Moller (B.S. 1974; M.B.A. 1976)
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2014 Distinguished Alumni Recipient
Celeste Hill (A.B. 1982; J.D. 1986)
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2015 Distinguished Alumni Recipient
Samuel Krug (M.A. 1968; Ph.D. 1971)
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2016 Distinguished Alumni Recipients

Cathie & L. Gene Lemon: Honorary Alumni Award
John Shustitzky (B.S. 1973; M.S. 1975 & Ph.D. 1979, Counseling Psychology)
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Alumni Spotlight

Alumna Receives Top Award from CollegeAlumna Receives Top Award from College

Dr. Elizabeth Pieroth (BS'88) was one of five alumni selected to receive the 2016 LAS Alumni Achievement Award.

Undergraduate Spotlight

Undergraduate Career Exploration AwardUndergraduate Career Exploration Award

The Undergraduate Career Exploration Award was created by the Psychology Alumni Advisory Board. Read about the three recipients in the 2015 Fall issue of Psychology Times: