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Psychology Mentor Programs

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new Psychology Mentor Program. This program is being organized to provide an opportunity for students and alumni to share information and experiences about their education, career objectives and options, and long term professional development. The program will offer a structured, yet flexible, system to facilitate one-on-one relationships between students and alumni. Alumni will have the opportunity to provide "real world" guidance regarding career planning and skills development in ways that classes alone cannot. We anticipate that both students and alumni will find the program a rewarding experience.

Two opportunities are available for you to share your knowledge and insights to undergraduates: Psychology Mentor Program and Share Your Story.

Sharing your time and your story will enhance the undergraduate Psychology program at the University of Illinois. Thank you for your commitment to your Alma Mater!

Click here for more information, including Program Guidelines and Mentor Applications.

Mail completed application to:

Comments or concerns about the Alumni Mentor Program can be addressed to Gary Wszalek, Head Academic Advising, by e-mail to