Department Head's Message on Diversity and Inclusion

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As many of you know there have recently been well-publicized incidents of racism on campus. While it is important to speak out against these actions, ongoing issues around institutional and societal racism, lack of inclusivity, implicit bias, and stereotyping have provided a context for such incidents, and remain a target of intervention and change. As a department we intend to be both proactive in addressing such issues and reactive in responding to them rapidly and appropriate.

I am writing to affirm the commitment of the Psychology Department to creating and maintaining a positive, welcoming, and inclusive environment that embraces diversity, broadly defined. We have taken explicit steps to improve the climate in our department. Some of these steps include re-empowering our long-standing diversity committee. This began last year with graduate student input. Going forward, this committee will now have a budget to facilitate their mandate to develop initiatives that will enhance diversity and inclusivity in the department.

Recent initiatives include the launch of a diversity webpage (visit where we have posted a diversity statement, reviewed some of our initiatives, and presented some of our faculty's ongoing research relevant to diversity science. Our website also reviews campus resources and options for complaints, community outreach, and training and education opportunities. In addition, we have revisited the criteria for preexisting scholarships and designated some new undergraduate scholarships for members of underrepresented groups. As Department Head, I have tasked the Diversity Committee with creating a statement supporting diversity and inclusivity that will be posted in all our classrooms in the spring of 2016.

Many faculty members and graduate students in this department are activity involved in campus efforts to address inequities and to promote a more welcoming and affirming experience for all. If you would like to learn more about ways to get involved, please contact me.

Wendy Heller
Professor and Department Head



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Facilities Information

All-Gender ADA Accessible Restroom

The Psychology Department is very pleased to announce that an all-gender, ADA accessible, family-friendly restroom has been built on the first floor next to the elevators. The department partnered with F&S to construct this new restroom, which is now available to use. Please note that there is an indicator on the door showing whether the restroom is available or in use. Be sure to lock the door while using the restroom, and unlock the door before leaving.

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