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Welcome to the Psychology Department website and a new academic year. Fall 2016 started with a splash--literally, as we recover from a flood caused by a failed air-conditioning coil. Fortunately, it was discovered quickly, and we made rapid progress in cleaning up.

The Psychology Department is excited to welcome new faculty: Professors Ben Hankin and Tom Kwapil, Associate Professor Aron Barbey, Assistant Professors Heidemarie Laurent, Sean Laurent, Chadly Stern, and Visiting Assistant Professor Andrea Miller. Professor Nicole Allen will serve as our new Associate Head and Director of Graduate Studies. We thank Francis Wang for her diligent service in this role the past couple of years. We congratulate newly promoted faculty: Nicole Allen, Alejandro Lleras, and Dan Newman to Full Professor, and Florin Dolcos and Carla Hunter to Associate Professor.

The department also bid goodbye to faculty members Sarah Brown-Schmidt, Nichelle Carpenter, Andre Cimpian, Art Kramer, Eva Tezer, and Duane Watson. We wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Although the budget situation is still uncertain at a state level, and we have experienced an overall reduction in state funds, we anticipate that our funding level will be stable this year. Our department is operating efficiently and we have lots of exciting new initiatives in the works. We continue to work on a new campus-wide minor for Psychology and a new Master's Program in Psychological Science. A new online Introductory Psychology course is under development for launch Winter break 2016 and we are planning to increase enrollment in our existing online summer Intro Psychology course. The new Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Initiative (SBSRI) headed by Brent Roberts has been given a home in our building and is getting off the ground. For more info and a nice shout out to our department, see:

I am very pleased to report that the Alumni Advisory Board will continue with their grants to help students with travel and research expenses this year. We will also continue this year our Lanier Awards to faculty which can be applied for to support either travel or research.

I look forward to working with all of you this year.

Wendy Heller
Professor and Department Head



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Facilities Information

All-Gender ADA Accessible Restroom

The Psychology Department is very pleased to announce that an all-gender, ADA accessible, family-friendly restroom has been built on the first floor next to the elevators. The department partnered with F&S to construct this new restroom, which is now available to use. Please note that there is an indicator on the door showing whether the restroom is available or in use. Be sure to lock the door while using the restroom, and unlock the door before leaving.

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