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Questions and Answers:

Want to mail a letter?  Dana Loschen

Want to send a fax?  Dana Loschen

Want to ship an overnight package?  Dana Loschen

Want to scan a document?  Dana Loschen

Want to reserve a room?  Carleen McCormick

Want to order a textbook?  Carleen McCormick

Want to change a grade?  Carleen McCormick

Want to complain about something?  Wendy Heller

Need an appointment with the department head? Jane Jukes 

Would you like to host a visitor? Jane Jukes 

Need help with VISA issues? Jane Jukes 

Need a temporary parking space for a visitor? Jane Jukes 

Where is the Lost and Found?  Cindy Foster:, 333-6478, rm 10

Where can I submit an announcement?

Where can I submit a calender event? (click on small green plus sign at right above the calendar)

Note:  General information can be found on the department website:

In the event of a Crisis / Emergency, what should I do?  Dial 911

Note:  At 10:00 a.m. on the first Tuesday of every month, the ESDA will test warning sirens.  If you hear these sirens at any other time than the first Tuesday of the month seek cover in the lower level of the building away from glass.

Comments or concerns about the content of pages describing the Psychology Department can be sent by e-mail to Jane Jukes at

Human Resources (HR)

Want to hire an undergraduate, staff member, or post doc? Summer Curry

Want to hire a graduate student? Ashley Ramm

To whom do I turn in my timesheet? Summer Curry

Other Employment questions? Summer Curry


Where do I pick-up my office/lab keys? Suzanne McNattin

Note:  $20 key deposit required

Where do I go if I lose my keys? Suzanne McNattin

Where do I return my keys? Suzanne McNattin


Want to apply for a grant? Mae Donaldson

Want to renew a grant? Mae Donaldson

Questions after your grant is awarded? Sarah Challand

Who do I contact to get access to my monthly reports? Sarah Challand

Questions about your monthly reports? Sarah Challand


Want to make a purchase? Brenda Reinhold or Lisa Taylor

Want to be reimbursed for items you already purchased? Brenda Reinhold or Lisa Taylor


Want to travel and/or be reimbursed for travel? Brenda Reinhold or Lisa Taylor

Phones (Lync)

Have a problem with your phone? Suzanne McNattin

Copy and Supply Room

Need copies? Dana Loschen provides limited copying assistance

Need office supplies?  Suzanne McNattin

Comments or concerns about the content of pages describing the Psychology Department can be sent by e-mail to Jane Jukes at


Who cleans the building?  BSWs (Building Service Workers) employed by the University Facilities & Services (F&S) department. For special requests or concerns regarding BSW support contact Jim Clark.  Note that trash containers in private offices are emptied only once per week.

How is recycling handled?  There are recycling containers in each hallway.  Note that although offices are equipped with paper recycling containers, it is the office person’s responsibility to remove their recycle materials to the hallway containers.

What do I do if I have confidential material that needs to be recycled?  Sensitive materials that require confidential recycling can be handled by requesting special containers from the shop: The shop will supply the containers for you to fill and then they are stored in a secure room until a special recycle pickup is coordinated.

Who do I contact regarding building maintenance issues?  For items requiring normal scheduled repair, such as lights, switches, and dripping faucets, send email to If the maintenance issue is an emergency (e.g., a water leak creating a safety issue or damage to the facility, electrical outages, door security issues, tripping issues, broken furniture in classrooms, anything else that might harm an individual or the building) please contact Jim Clark or Firmino Pinto via phone or in Shop room 39.

Who do I contact regarding moves and relocation within the building?  Typical moves or relocation of equipment is coordinated with the F&S Moving Crew by Jim Clark. Please email your requests and schedule a time to review the scope of the move.  Your move can usually be coordinated in less than 2 weeks.

What do I do if I need to have something built or have a piece of laboratory equipment that needs to be repaired?  Please email the shop with your request and or contact Jim Clark or Firmino Pinto to coordinate support.

What do I do in case of some disastrous event (e.g., fire, tornado, terrorist attack)?  The department has a Building Emergency Action Plan (see Jim Clark for details).  The building is also equipped with audible speakers in the fire alarm devices. In case of a building emergency, Stop, Listen and Follow the Instructions you hear. If the emergency instructions being broadcast direct you to leave your area, please see the Evacuation Maps that are located in hallways and classrooms for your evacuation route.

Comments or concerns about the content of pages describing the Psychology Department can be sent by e-mail to Jane Jukes at


What do I do if a student has a serious problem or if I have serious concerns about a student?  Contact the Emergency Dean:  333-0050,

Have a question related to undergraduate academic advising? Cindy Foster, 333-6478, rm 12

How can I get my class lists/rosters for the courses I’m teaching?, Student and Faculty Services

Where do I enter my final course grades?, Student and Faculty Services

Where can I find historical information about departmental courses, including 10th day enrollment figures (used for calculating teaching units)?

Where can I find iclicker information for use in my class? (note:  these need to be ordered when your textbook is ordered)

Where can I find information about ITS classroom codes, COMPASS, and educational technology training?

Where can I find information about Final Exams?

Where can I find information about course development, training opportunities, certificates for graduate instruction, and examples of good course syllabi?  Center for Teaching Excellence,

Where can I find the University Student Code?

Where can I find current and future academic calendars?

Where can I find the Graduate Student Handbook?

Questions about the graduate program?  Ashley Ramm, rm 307

Comments or concerns about the content of pages describing the Psychology Department can be sent by e-mail to Jane Jukes at


Getting a NetID

Q:  How do I get a NetID?

A:  Technology Services ( handles the Username and Passwords.  For your initial setup you should go to room 1211 in the Digital Computer Lab if this was not done during the hire process. 


Q: My Account is locked, how can I unlock it?

A: To reset your locked account’s password, if you have access to the internet go to:, and select the "Reset Your Password" button,

otherwise call the Service Technologies Help Desk at 217-244-7000

Psych Computers:

Q: How do I get my computer networked?

A: Contact Atlas (, or

Q: How do I get help printing to a Department Printer?

A: Contact Atlas (, or

Q: Who do I see about Software, purchasing and installs?

A:  The first place to check would be the University Webstore ( to see if it is one we have a site license for.  For Department machines you will likely need to contact Atlas (, or to perform the actual installs. Another option for ATLAS managed machines is to search for "Software Center" in the search box on theStart menu. The Software Center will show you icons for site licensed software. Just ckick on an icon to have that software installed.

Q: Who do I contact for general hardware or software problems?

A:  Contact Atlas (, or

Psych Mailing Lists

Q: How do I create a new Psych mailing list?

A: Go to, login with your NetID/AD password, and select the "Create list" tab. Decide whether to "Copy an existing list" or "Create a list using a template."  If you use a template, fill in the reqest form completely. The request will be sent to IT staff who will review it and create the list or contact you with any questions.

Q: How do I manage my list subscriptions or edit a Psych mailing list that I administer?

A: Go to https:/ and login with your NetID/AD password. You can select a list that you are a subscriber to or that you manage (Admin) from the menu on the left.  Click on the list name to change your subscription or access your editing options. To subscribe to a list, selct the list from the "Lists of lists" tab and then select the "Subscribe" option. For assistance, select the "Help" tab. 

Psych Web Pages:

Q:  Who do I contact to set up a lab or class web page?

A:  Submit a ticket (, or, and it will be routed to the Atlas Web team.


Q: I need access to one of the AITS applications (a Banner form, HireTouch, TEM, etc.).

A: Obtaining access will require three steps:

-           Have your supervisor request access, or request it for yourself if 

you are a faculty member, from Paul Chappell (, the AITS Unit Security Contact.

-           Read the Campus Information Security Policy, which will be in a link 

Paul will send you a form when he receives your request.

-           Sign and return the form Paul sends you, agreeing to abide by this policy.

Paul will notify you when AITS has arranged access.

Psychology computer classrooms (35, 37, 219a, 453d)

Q:  Where can I get information or help for any classroom questions (software, scheduling, equipment available, etc.)?

A:        Psychology Computer Classrooms:      

            Atlas Desktop & Tech Support web form:

Q:  Who do I see for immediate help for classroom technical problems (e.g., projector, PC, application not working at class time)?

A:, Paul Chappell, or Firmino Pinto

Q:  I need an application not currently installed, how can I get help with installing it for my course?

A:        Atlas Desktop & Tech Support web form:

Q:  Is printing available in our computer classrooms?

A:        Yes. Each classroom has a departmental printer. Printing is done from the computers within the room. All the classroom computers are accessible with your AD login. Note however, not everyone with an AD login will be able to print in the classroom.

Q:  Who can print to the computer classroom printers?

A:        The Psychology faculty and TAs using a computer classroom for their course are given printing accounts for that semester. Upon request by the instructor or TA of a course using one of our computer classrooms, printing accounts can be created for their students. The classroom printers are also available to Psychology graduate students. Each year, Psychology graduate students are allotted printing funds that can be used to print in our computer classrooms. Printing must be done when a class is not in session. Printing accounts may also be set up for any other Psychology faculty or staff needing to use a classroom printer. For help, please contact or Paul Chappell.

Comments or concerns about the content of pages describing the Psychology Department can be sent by e-mail to Jane Jukes at


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Facilities Information

Building Remodeling Projects

Click on the title to check out these pictures from the classroom remodeling project in the basement. A second project to replace the elevators will begin in September. Beginning with the freight elevator, each elevator will be out of service for three months. To get quickly from one floor to another, and improve your fitness, we will encourage the use of the stairs. The repainting of the northeast stairwell has been completed, and the painter is starting on the southwest stairwell.

Department Information

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Content will be added soon