An iFLEX Classroom Starts to Take Shape

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The remodeling and updating of the basement classrooms is underway and dramatically changing the appearance of several classrooms and the hallway in the basement. Here are a few pictures of the change in Room 32. For more pictures of the remodeling, go to

Start of the project:

No more tiers in Room 32:

New floor in Room 32 with conduit and floor boxes in place. After the liquid fill that was poured in Room 32 hardened, the electricians added conduit and electrical boxes to the new floor (left). These will carry power and data throughout the new iFLEX classroom. These are protected with a layer of plastic and a steel reinforcing mesh is added. The floor boxes are sealed (black squares) to keep the concrete out. The concrete pumping truck arrives (below left) and the hoses a laid to get the concrete into Room 32 (below right).
Concrete pumping truck with hose into basement Hose for concrete extending into Room 32
Pouring the concrete floor in Room 32 The concrete begins to be pumped and a lot of people must work together quickly to make sure it is spread to the right depth (left), and then the smoothing work begins (below left) until everyone is working in one corner as the new floor is almost completely poured (below right). Workers and an electronic concrete finishing machine (lower left) then make sure that the new floor is nice and smooth. When the concrete has completely dried, the old ceiling was removed (lower right) and studs for the new walls are installed.
Smoothing the concrete floor in Room 32 Everyone working in one corner as new concrete floor almost in.
Final concrete smoothing work on the new floor Old ceiling torn down and wall studs are put up in Room 32


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Facilities Information

Building Remodeling Projects

Click on the title to check out these pictures from the classroom remodeling project in the basement. A second project to replace the elevators will begin in September. Beginning with the freight elevator, each elevator will be out of service for three months. To get quickly from one floor to another, and improve your fitness, we will encourage the use of the stairs. The repainting of the northeast stairwell has been completed, and the painter is starting on the southwest stairwell.

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