Business Office

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Suzanne McNattin, Director of Budget & Resource Planning
325 Psych Bldg, MC-716
(217) 244-2878

Sarah Challand, Grant Accounting
329 Psych Bldg, MC-716
(217) 333-6824

Summer Curry, Appointments (Except Graduate), Payroll, Leaves, Employment Inquiries
333 Psych Bldg, MC-716
(217) 265-5259

Mae Donaldson, Proposals
331 Psych Bldg, MC-716
(217) 333-3361

Alix Abbott, Keys
338 Psych Bldg, MC-716
(217) 333-6325

Kelli Manning, Purchasing, Reimbursements, Telephone Requests
328 Psych Bldg, MC-716
(217) 333-0647

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Facilities Information

All-Gender ADA Accessible Restroom

The Psychology Department is very pleased to announce that an all-gender, ADA accessible, family-friendly restroom has been built on the first floor next to the elevators. The department partnered with F&S to construct this new restroom, which is now available to use. Please note that there is an indicator on the door showing whether the restroom is available or in use. Be sure to lock the door while using the restroom, and unlock the door before leaving.

Department Information

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